Sunday, January 07, 2007


hey ppl. got my new blogskin d. n i'm lovin' it..

but so sowi it's MESSY!!!

OCOV was Gr8!!! especially our DANCE. loved it so so much man. :) went there in d morning at around 10.30 to prac dance den after dat me, yan n joyce went to Queensbay to eat our lunch. KeNny RogeRs again. omg. so after eating went to walk walk. n v went intol ESPRIT to try clothes on. n v tried a dress which was so nice but too bad there was no more size n as if la v got money to buy. hahaha.. n v went into MNG also. den after dat came home n rest n bathe all that. n d lazy pigs were sleeping on my bed n didn't want to go n bathe. *smelly*
after dat left for d fort cuz drama prac was at 4. reherse abit den went to play d. it was so so HOT. sweating like mad i tell u. n v painted our face. even my mom did it. hahaha.. trying to act young. keke. n v also did sand art.. :) "JUST DO IT" [ me,evelyn n yan's fav. phrase. i can still remember it was in JYR 05'] den went to change. d toilet was so smelly!! yucks yucks. change d den summore sweat in d clothes again. alamak. :S
over all it was a gr8 night. even tho it rained.. well don wan to talk much cuz u all were there also wad. :)

take care n GOD BLESS. have fun in d 2nd week of school.

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