Thursday, January 11, 2007

replies to my TAGBOARD n pix's

hey people sowi havent been updating. well form 4 is hhhmmm.. how to say it?! WAY WAY WAY much DIFFERENT than form 3. :) lots more work to do. [ that's for sure] when my teacher told us d SPM format thing for d subjects v all were like "HUH?! so many papers one ah?!" especially d science subjects 3 of them already got 9 papers. hahahahaha.. i dunno how.
oh well don talk bout school. it's only d 2nd week. n it's going on well. :)

btw. this was d best pic of d night! :) i like it!

SHARON : hey ya! visit more. n pls go put a tagboard in ur blog!! ish man. or not i will do it for u.

THUMBELINA : darling!! i've been missin ya like mad too. sp seems so FAR away. hugs. do come n visit me k. mwahhh.

YANNIE : girl. i too have no idea wad it suppose to be k. jus liked it. hahaha.. n yes i've update. sort of. :)

VIVIAN : muffins! hahaha.. v ate it on sat again after dance. hi sis. love ya too.

JUSTIN : hello! visit more.

MINNY : i noe! cuz it's pink n i LOVE it. hehehe.. it's pink n black. yea.. ya la.. ish ish. miss OCOV n of cuz miss me also rite? hahaha..

JUSTIN & GERALD : y u wan to noe for wad?! don be jealous. :P

RIZIIE : mei mei!! mwahsss too.

VAN : really? no la van it's d same. hehehe.. when u click it become's purple i think after dat. i dunno le. keke..

KOR : huh?! how to. i have no time at all. keep on tution one. even on saturdays. ish man.

okay. pictures time. STOLEN PICTURES!

it was raining!!! hide under d thing. hahaha.. shaun so cute.

n of cuz with ur girls. can vain any WHERE, any TIME, any PLACE, any WEATHER. hahahaha.. no rain can stop us from being vain. :)

aisheh. thx to my wonderfull hands! kekeke.. :) lil bro n lil sis.

my niece n me. guess she didn't wan to take a picture with me. look at her face! ish.

so i move on. hahahahaha.. * d RED ppl. :)*

me n J-O-Y-C-E! miss treasurer n miss moniter. hahaha.. n v sit together during Sejarah, EST, BM, MAths and Add Maths. hahaha.. i pity d class
nicole tan + joyce lim = BEWARE. hahahaha.. :)
me - everyday asking ppl to pay money
her - everyday asking ppl do duty n keep quiet.

no yan this picture wasn't on purpose.. it was jus so happen dunno wad v both were lookin at n somebody took d pic w/o us noticing. kekeke..

so that's all. will update when i have d time again to sit down n write properly k. for now have to learn to adapt to form 4 life. *ish man!*


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