Sunday, January 14, 2007


Cell Group finally started again yesterday since d december holidays. :) v had a gr8 time there.. n pastor Cowan also jonied us. n as usual ps. told us stories n lame jokes. like :
after the pope died. there was a new pope in china named
- Pop-iah- hahahahaha..
den me n hannah were thinking den india also got new pope named
crazy ppl la all of us. hehehehe.. :) this week me n hannah shared bout new year's resolution!! i think eveybody should have 1 n try to keep it unitl next year. so this year i found my new accountable partner!! miss Hannah Wong Yi Qing. :)

n bla bla bla. i'm sure ya'll donwan to hear bout school. cuz it's Booring man!! lots of homework. ish ish ish. well that's life. n so many new faces in CGL. well not so new to me la. hehehe..
this ppl are Tan Yi Wen, Ruth Tham n DEbbie [for those who can for JYR. i'm sure u all met her] Vivone. dat's all kua. hehehehe.. :)

well well. i'm really missin ppl especially :

Miss Charis Ow Phui Yan
*i'm so missing u mei!!! :) mus really go out wit u during d holidays d. where v all can walk. jus us! so long since we've done that. stay pweedy dear. love u!*

Miss SaraH ThuM WeI-Li
*jie jie!! i miss u lots too!!!! it's like been so long since u've moved there d. well not really tho. hehehe.. but it seems long to me. miss all those times v went out together n vained n ki siau. remember to take me out k when u come down to pg. :) love talking to ya. mwahss.. HuggieS*

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