Friday, January 19, 2007

round n round n round

HEY GIRLS N GUYS sekalian. :)
thx gudness i've been learning to adapt to school life..
n d "Malaysian Open" has started.. yay yay.. but sad new is that my brother n jocelyn's brother is out of d game. stupid man!!! kill that Korea guy and d malaysian pair... haha.
n yes i'm going down to KL in AuGust to watch d WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS with jocelyn. can't wait to finally meet them in person. hahaha..

omg i'm gonna become BLACK d la. every thursday gotta go for marching practice from 3-4 in d stupid freakin' HOT sun. they are CRAZY!! n after dat from 4-5.30 got sports practice pula. come home bathe n eat den off too tution again.

n yesterday after tution jocelyn's mom took us to QUeensBAy cuz v wanted to go n find our BAdmintOn Magzine. but guess wad. not yet come out yet. ish ish.. hahahaha.. n d funny part on d way there was going "round n round n round" hahahaha.. so funny la. on d way there jocelyn was toking toking toking n her mom miss d turing n v had to go one BIG BIG round all d way back again. den after dat dunno wad v were doing suppose to go straight den jocelyn's mom went down. hahahaha.. so dat mean another round!! v all 3 sitting in d car n laughing our butts off. hahaha.. wad a night.

dat's all le. hehehe.. =)

hint hint : * i got my new baby. hahahahaha.. *
take care.

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