Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cell Group

Friday - 19 Jan 2007 :
today was fun. hahaha.. sort off. :S in d afternoon after coming back from school n eating my lunch. rest for a while den went swimming with my dear! :) it was so fun k. hahaha.. dunno whether v were swimming or ki siau-ing in d pool. d pool is so nice when there is NOBODY! n v have to whole pool to ourselves but it was HOT man i tell u. wah. after comin out got sunburn like mad. dat's y la now so dark. ish. went until 4 den came home.
n as usual after swimming for sure will get HUNGRY one. wanted to stop by at Mc'd but then miss khoo lee mei yin came to my house so mus go home n make bread too eat. yummy. den after that went for tution. this time v all smart d. sit in front n wear long pants. hahaha. or not last week i was going to FREEZE to death d. d stupid aircond summore keep blowing in my face nia n d sir summore can say he hot n dowan to swing d aircond. ish man. so after tution came back home den eat dinner n off to Cell Group.

n today in cell group celebrated d January Babies Birthday cuz so happened to be Julia's Birthday in that day too. :) so ta da here are a few pics v took. kekeke..

" introducing d January Babies - Nicole, Julia, Tania n Debra "
" my Accountable partner n me *hugs* "
" my January Baby Pal. "
" this picture is so cute. :P "

so i answered ur question to who is my new BABY!!! kekekeke.. will post up summore picutres n an update l8r bout my fwen's sweet 16. n soon it's gonna be mine. muahahahahaha.. :)
keep viewing my blog ppl.

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