Sunday, January 28, 2007

" happy happy BIRTHDAY"

hey people-people sekalian!!!! =)
OMG! i can't believe i'm actually 16!!! SWEET 16. well let's all hope it will be SWEET. hahaha..
well friday after my tuition i celebrated my sweet 16 in TGIF
it was d best birthday ever i can say. hehehe..
nothing much to talk about but just enjoy d pictures k. :) oh yea, they made me stand on d table n sing song n dance! terrible man. n they all are so sweet. sing for me a song too. hehehe.. u should celebrate there. lots of fun man!!! d whole place was so noisey thx to da CGL-lian's!!! :)

`mwahs ppl.

after dinner. went to shop awhile.. n bla bla bla. hahahaha.. den went home n my dear sister in-law slept over today. n v talked talked n laughed d whole night long man!!! hahahaha.. as usual about badmiton la. n summore v ate maggie mee at 1 smth at night. hahaha.. see see my sister "ZHang Ning" do i look like her? hahahah..

i LOVE ya guys lots n lots n lots man!!!!!!!!

to those who gave me prezzie's n wished me. million HUGS!!!!

`mwahs. hugs. love. nicole tan. 28 JaN

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