Sunday, January 28, 2007


*today was d best they ever man!*

NicOle Tan GeK-Len waS Officially Born on this day at 11.59 a.m n is now ofFicially 16!! :) *smiles*

went to church in d morning which i draged my butt out of my bed to go. in church me n miss Hannah Wong practically talked during d whole service. hahaha. *sshhh* after dat went for my birthday lunch n ate banana leaf. my fav.. love it so so much! den had to faster come home cuz my badminton "KOREAN OPEN" started d. thx gudness it was mixed double's first. haha..

2nd match : Women's Singles - Xie Xingfang & Zhu Lin
3rd match : Men's singles - Lin Dan & Chen Jin
* the letters in bold mean they won. so sweet!!! both of them won together. awwww*

ok ok. so while i was watching after i came back. den yan called me n ask me wheter she could come n take d books. so i was like oh ok la.. n when she called me i was sleeping one. u noe la ppl come must do hair properly first ma. hahaha.. den *ding dong* she came. den summore got james. i was like huh? where did u come from. hahaha.. summore isaac took them here. den yan said she wanted to lend my half jacket. so ma i go up lo. n too my supprise :


i was so blur k. i was like huh!? how come suddenly so many ppl one. hahaha.. n i din even hear them. cheeky la u all!!! nwy's thanks so so so much for all who came!!! i'm really really so blessed to know ya'll. `mwahs


* d jelly cake my grandma made for me n yan helping cutting d cake they bought.

*guess he got too durnk after driking. [shandy] hahahaha..

to my dear Gal : thx for everything yea. my life too would have been diff w/o ur laughter n ur siauness. kekeke..
p/s : tq so much for d lovely card. love it lots. hugs.

my Sista!!! Dog Freek. hahaha.. love ya love ya. sleepover during d next hols again k. kekeke..

JOYCE LIM!!!!! :) u miss cheeky gal. planned all this w/o me knowing. no wonder la u keep calling my mom. hahaha.. thx so much gal. n thx ur mom n dad too for d lovely prezzie. love it so much. thx god for u. till next monday sitting with u for 6 periods of add maths. hahaha.. `mwahs
niece niece!! thx for making it here yea. oh yea will post up d other pics v took last time l8r. love ya!


CAleb... :) thx for coming!!! ya ya. ur look good pic. hahaha.. n yes i look good too. ;) *hugs*

OMG!! i dunno wad were they thinking of. hahaha.. at least i'm d sane one behind there.. :)

so called "Happy Family" hahahaha..

my dearest lil sis n me. *hugs*

i think v ate TOO much n drank TOO much Shandy. hahaha.. "siauness"

Jere!!! thx for everything. appreciate ya lots. *hugs*

n these are d rest of come crazy pictures. hahaha..

hopw ya'll ENJOYED looking at d pictures. u noe wad. i ate so many BIRTHDAY CAKES this year. n at night when i went for tuition. v celebrated again. my dear bought secret recepi choc banana- oolala. n my teacher bought US PIZZA. hahaha.. i'm so gonna become fat guys.

but all in all. GOD has been good to me n blessed me with ya'll!!!!

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