Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Randomness of Pictures

sowi to be such a vain pot. but i had to post this up so ppl don't keep asking me to send them pictures. :)

- RAINBOW's make me happy. *smiles*

saw this on d way to sp n i was jus thinking how wonderfull t is. jus to tell ya'll i've never actually seen all d colours of a rainbow b4 until now. it's just so beautiful. :)

sowi but pictures are very messy. haha.. to lazy to go n rearrange them nicely.

I LOVE my Badminton Mag. actually one of them s Jocelyn's one. :)
n all this vain pots wanted their picture. crazy ah wan me 2 send 1 by 1 to ya'll izit. easier i post up all den go curi k. hahaha.. it was loads of fun. ppl's camera which wasn't full was full by d end of d night. eg : Mine! hahaha.. it's always FUN being with ya girls. `mwahs

`haha.. can ya'll see Florence behind tyring to hug woan shing n Jenny smiling as if she's in da picture. hahaha..
*JoCelyn KhOo LeE!*

`Constant : Su Quin, Nicole, Jacintha. Manipulated : Janice. haha..

`this picture came out a bit weird cuz v din noe whether it was taking or not. tyring out my new cam shot. crazzieness!

`fwens like them are hard to find! *hugs*

`v are all somehow related! :) *love ya'll*
`ALL those who went

`SIMONE ONG - my january baby pal too. thx for everything yea girl n v both look good in this picture. *thumbs up* next time holidays have sleep over again kayz? hahaha.. den no need sleep n go eat supper. :P

`d PriNceSs JJJ's! founded in 2006 . Jan : June : Jan : July

` ShaRon here is ya picture. :) in Sam's room. hahaha.. BEWARE of ya heads. kekeke.

` d Gals in my Room after sChool b4 sports PraCtice. can u See Us?! my "oh-so-MEsSy mirror" :)

` last Saturday in youth. *love ya girls*

oMg!! JaNuary haD EndEd!!! it'S tOo faSt! tIme Is paSsinG toO FaSt!! exAm aRE ComIng. AaHhh!! BUt Wait LoOk At D BRigHtEr SIdE! :)

CHINESE NEW YEAR is cOming too. hahaha..


* d couple's shirts are very nice. me n my fwen might be buying them. hahaha.. SIAU d *

till next time.

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