Saturday, February 10, 2007


hey people! i know i haven't been updating for quiet sometime. i'm jus too lz to sit down n type so long. but since today is a friday, ur majesty shall to do honor to post this royal entry up. hahaha..
n yes i've been VERY vain these pass few days. dunno was happen also. so bersemangat to take pictures. hahahaha.. :)

school has been rather boring, fun, n all sort of things. n this year my class 4 Terampil is taking over CHORal Speaking cuz d first calss withh be taking YE!!! not fair. ish man. but i guess it will be fun.
but practices are Horrible! i can go crazy man. hahaha.. n joyce lim our class moniter is our conductor. haha!

at least today after miss leong [ketua panitia inggeris] comented about us n teached us wad not to do n do. it was so so so much better man! hahaha.. it was one of d best practices v had so FAR! :)

jus to prove how VAIN a girl like me can be. i told u i was in d mood of takin pictures this week. hahahaha.. no idea y also. ;)
`when vanity stikes! nothing's gonna STOP me!
`this is when a camera comes in handy! *smiles*
`wanna come into d life of NicOle Tan?
`my beloved TOby Tan. b4 his hair cut..
`that someone special might just appere at ur door! :)

`vainess is in d air!! n i love my HAIR! so so lovin' my hair now. hahaha..

`i love my Pinkish, Flowerish curtains! :)

9/10/2007 - CELL GROUP!!!!
*cell group was lots of FUn today!!! :) but all fun comes to and end. this was daniel's LAST day in Cell Group b4 he leaves for australia. *sob sob* so he shared today. n i went there late summore *paiseh* hahaha.. den when reached leroy's house v ordered PIZZA HUT! so funny man. v were choosin wad to eat n all that n yes yes ur royal highness called pizza hut. n yes of cuz they know my name. "miss tan izit?!" hahahaha.. cuz leroy also call one mah he also tan i also tan. same one la. kekekeke..

`EphRaim!!!! - i love u guys!! v are so gonna miss u Daniel! :)

`d c.r.a.z.y cell leaders. n also vain ones too. hahaha..

`hahahaha.. dunno wad daniel was doing while everybody was lookin.

`meet d gals!
`nicole.daniel.ming yen - 2 girls n a guy.
`girls. girls. girls!! had fun talking all night long with them during mission trip. hahaha.. + JOyce! `hugs

DANIEL kOkO!!!!! ur goona leave so soon!!! so gonna miss u ko. :) hahahaha. n yes v will have ur "daniel fund box" every week collect 1 ringgit. at least u still get to fly from tasmania to melboune. haha. ths for everthing ko. uv'e been gr8! n yes me n yan are gonna grow up when u come back. 5 years is a long long time k! take care aite! love ya lots! `hugs

LeRoy kO!!! u've been a gr8 blessing to me. thx for fetching me at times. remember to take me n yan out u noe!!!! n next time when i can drive maybe i'll take u. kekeke.. if u dare to sit my car. haha. really learnt a lot from u. n thx for all those simple words of encouragment. i'm sure there will be more "stories" for ya to listen. `hugs.

`Shiau Xian! once u noe her. u noe she isn't that quiet anymore. mission trip was fun rite?! kekeke.. d last night v had. talkin nonsense. until dunno how v slept also. hahaha.. on top of each other. ur such a gr8 gal! n i'm sure god has a lot installed for ya in d years to come. keep seeking him kays?! love ya.
`Chan Ming Yen!!! kena influenced by us d. keep taking pics nia! i'm so happy to be ya fwen. thx for trusting me. n yes i'm trusting ya too. hahaha.. u ah keep sleepin nia! youth camp same group with u was so fun rite? hahaha.. n michele of cuz. wanna talk also u wan 2 sleep den wake up so early!! ish. hahaha.. keep shining for god girl. love ya.

`Yie Vern!! i finally spelt ur name correct! hahaha.. it's so much joy knowing ya. ur smile n laughter jus makes me feel happy too when ya around! ur a gr8 fwen to me. ur miss china girl. kekeke.. keep going china nia. :) take care k. hugs
`HanNah WOng aka BaNaNa!!! n also my aunty. i love u so much! thx god for u man! hahaha.. always bubbly n cheerfull. u make me laugh! hahaha. next time v must go watch ghost show together d n can SCREAm our lungs out in d cinema. hahaha.. remember "wise guys never dies" stupid show. eh eh. this year can drive d better fetch me here n there d k!! don forget u noe. den after ur SPM. mus go out d! study hard my dear aunty. love ya lots!
`ta da! our pizza. n everybody wasn't ready for da pic at all. haha..

`n oh yes. today my mr handsome went for a hair cut. n lok he looks even more handsome! cute man he! n also smart. but a bit hiau. kekeke.. love u toby. glad i picked him! :)
`d dog is as cute as d owner n d owner is as cute as d dog. v make a good pair my darling! keke.

ok ok i noe. my post is all bout pics. but i jus love to see pictures!!! :)
it makes me happy when ppl are happy.
n of cuz i'm happy when i see RAINBOWS!!

dat's all for now ppl. :)

*wishes do come true!*

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