Friday, February 16, 2007

ur highness up-da-dating

hey people. yes yes since u all keep asking me to update i shall. finally got d time to sit down n do it. cuz holiday's are coming. `yippieee. but it's only until thursday. cacated one la.
on d 10th February : i had no tuition so i decided to go watch a movie.

went to Queensbay with yan to watch : DEATH NOTE 2
well just to say that i would give d show a rating : A. :) it was so faar d best show i've watched in january. well it was d ONLY show i watched in january. never been to d cinema in ages d.

but b4 that at homw while waiting for my dad. your highness as usual vained by herself. oh i so LOVE d top n my skirt. *smiles*
well v had fun. queensbady was freezing as usual. `burrrr.. n even worse d cinema was x2 cold-ness! haha. b4 entering d cinema v eat our baskin! yummy. n of cuz my all time favourite ; Mint Choc Chip. *drools* oh yea n i would jus like to say, "L" and Light are so damn `handsome. kekek. "L" is so mine. don steal yea! [to min min] :)
after d show finished went to eat dinner at kenny rogers AGAIN! ish. i'm so not eating there anymore. sick of it d. ;P blek.
n yes v did meet ppl there. like ee kai, rae n jon n also min min n imin. v screamed like wad only k calling thier names. n d results. nothing.
so d conculsion is : `Queensbay to Noisy.
` Min min n Imin is deaf. [not literally]
`SHOUT LOUDER next time. hahax.
after our dinner there. ask dad to fetch us to youth. n v reached there early also.. n there was so little ppl today. my gudness. ppl come la!!!! ; but don jus come because ur forced too!
`us 2 in d car vaining away. d sun lightings are nice!
in youth Pastor Cowan shared bout chinese new year. i'm so happy dat's it's comin. `yipiee.
; i can't believe how much v have changed. v have all grown up. after that, a few of us went to eat supper. n home v go. :)

and on d 13th February....

first of all : HAPPY 19th BirtHday To Biggy Worm [Judson Lim] u've been a gr8 fwen jud. keep :) n be who u are always. thx for takin me out at times. kekeke.. `take care.

take a look at d cute duck~ couldn't resist buying it. aaahhh. :)

my `valentine's gift to myself. since my dear fwens didn't was to buy it for me. ish ish..

; my 2 cuties! no doubt bout d one on d right. keke. mr. lazy bum

oh yea had ed board meting in school den rangers so stayed back until 4. my gosh so tired n i went to sleep. hahaha.. well u noe me la. den at night went out with :
Hannah Wong n Daniel Teoh. jus d 3 of us nia.
so dan came to fetch us to gurney for dinner. it was FUN!! thx guys for a gr8 night. first v all din noe wad to eat also. so decided to eat at kim gary. met michele there too. :)
` here are some pics. n that drink was really nice.

v really ki siau-ed k. so funny. went to MPH cuz dan wanted to buy his bible. n u noe how long v took jus to buy a bible! haha. crazy man. took crazy pictures. n my gosh couldn't stop laughing. in d car also continued laughing again. "give us clean hand" always will remember to crazy day. hahaha..
; mwahs.

and no forgetting d "major" event for couples - 14th February ; Valentines.
well this year i spend my valentines with d camera n my fwens. hahaha.. yes ppl did wish me happy valentines n i did wish ppl too. haha.. after school came home and ki siau-ed by myself in my parents room. n also on9 since there is a comp here d.
`here are some vain pic i took of myself. i can't be posting up everything rite? kekke.. or can i? should i? NO!!!

after all dat vaining. went to tuition at night with zhu lian, jocelyn n simone. it was so crazy in tuition like every week. v will talked to each other den dunno wad teacher is talking bout. den after when he ask us to do d exercise.. all of us will look at each other so blurly. hahaha. came home n do homework n sleep.
so this was my valentines. :)

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