Monday, February 19, 2007

`pictures from d past!

D old Times!

well looking at all this pictures really bring's back lots of memories. can't believe every thing is passing so fast!! time really goes *zoommmm*. just love posting up pictures in my bloggie. dunno y but it makes me happy. i Love looking at pictures. haha. so here it is. enjoy looking. well if ya don like it. it's ur problem. :P `blek!

OCOV 2006
i'm so missin d dance now. it was so nice. rite? kekeke.. eh v practiced hard k. n watched our cd's! :) and in d morning while most of d youth's were still SLEEPING, d dancers d choir were up early and practicing at d fort. after prac, me, yan and joyce went to queensbay. as u all noe it's freezing there. and summore v went in our shorts n smelly shirts. haha..
we girls :
*Face Painted
and did some*Sand Art
`we want to be young again. kekekeke. yan "just do it!"
and of cuz ate Yummy food! d laksa n ice kacang. oolalala!! thx gary for chia-ing me. kekeke.. oh yes n i finally got to meet up with d kulim girls!! miss them lots. `imin, evelyn, emily n min min. mwahsss.
`hannah banana and me. see see our face! nice not? kekeke..

`aaahhh.. dunno y i can't seem to get d right angle to show d painted side! ish.
oh yes. n d girl's mom's Face Painted too! `aiyak! i din look in this picture! kenot kenot must take again. hahaha..
`*ta da* finally a nice picture came out. out mummiesss!
us again. pls don get bored of seeing us now! u still have a long way to go down summore. hahaha.. i tell u v girls are so keng man! v can vain any PLACE, any TIME, any WHERE even in d RAIN !!
A Sunday In Church
church? hhhmm. getting up early every sunday mornings. *yawnss* it's does get tiring adter sometime. but u noe wad. when u reach there u wont feel da same unless u slept at early in d morning last night! kekekeke. so this was our sunday in church.

`introducing d SOuth Zoners!! ~whee and also of cuz d EPHRAIM-ites !! :)
`Gals in PINK!!! v are just ur average ordinary gals.
`d super Siau Leaders !! hahaha.. *BEWARE*
`when lydia was back. missin ya now girl. take care there!!
`I Love u guys!!
`likey d effect. from hannah's phone.
so as u can see this is wad v do on sunday morning's. kekeke.. well not every sunday le. den after dat v will go eat lunch n den come home n as everybody already know's wad i'm gonna say. but hu care's. v come home n SLEEP !! zzzzz. kekeke..

Saturday Youth!
well as u all noe. every saturday v da fireBRANDS will gather together. :) and as usual wrosip prac at 5 n bible class at 6. after dat all of us will go for dinner together. this is wad v practically do every saturday. but unfortunatly now i have to go for tuition. *sighhh* and after youth finishes v all will go for supper! yea. but now no sarah thum to take us d. aiihhh.. `so missin ya jie!!

`this is your RoyaL HigHnesS at ur service..hahaha..
`finally i got him to vain too. kekeke.. n yes he is sort of smiling. haha.
`introducing d TAN's
there are jus too many of them in youth. hahaha..
`we girls jus wanna have F.U.N!

Other Sundays
this was during other sundays in church. dunno la. kenot remember d la. hahaha.. to many pictures d. :)
`us again. i told u there were gonna be LOTS of pictures of us. hahaha..
`when v get bored v draw our legs. see our beautiful shoes.
SIaU Groups
`and on friday nights v go for "siau" group. kekeke.. n of cuz my cell group is EPHRAIM. v are crazy, nosiy n love to Eat . i repeat myself. v love to Eat . hahaha..
and every week v have it at leroy's house. so to those of ya who don have a cell group to go to ur welcome to come to ours anytime. kekeke.. but u better think twice b4 coming. hahaha... jus kidding le. =)
`v made our cell group vain too. keke.
Christmas Party
n yes it's dat time of d year again. christmas. hohoho. last year went to quiet a few of christmas parties. n yes it was fun. and of cuz one of d parties was at yi wen's place. oh my i still remember d v ate Lamb. my gosh. it was so so so Delicious !!!! *drools*
`girls. v cant help but jus to be vain. :)
`aunty n niece.
CHristams shopPing!
`as usual evry time of d year v all will go shopping. but this time when me, michele, hannah n joyce went.. v went shopping for ourselves. thx to mich la. hahaha.. love to go shopping with them girls. aahhh.. `mummy u better take me out soon kays?!
and yes v were feeling quite rich dat day.. hahaha.. cuz v ate SuShi King!! yummy. i miss it.
`when i was still in bracess. i so don miss those times. hahaha.
`v ate quiet a lot. b4 joyce came le.
and after eating v siau po's went to try clothes in P&CO. but in d end v ended up buying clothes form there.. hahaha..
`see see! me n mich bought d shirts from there. u noe y?! cuz it was 50% off! kekeke.. smart leh?!
`d half jacket v were wearing was so small! even "L" couldn't fit us. haha. no no no. v are not FAT. jus that d shirt was small. kekeke..
after walking. i managed to buy ppl's prezzie k. or not where else did u get ur prezzie's from. hahaha.. well going out with mich is so so so fun le. v should do it more often.
`d christmas tree was so nice!
so i guess that's all bout my update now. hahaha.. hope ya'll enjoyed lookin at d pictures. take care ppl n have a very very :
hope that d year of d PIG. well bring lots of joy, happiness n LOVE. kekekeke. n for ur "piggys" don sleep so much this year k. hahaha..
take care ppl. don eat to much. ;)

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