Friday, March 30, 2007

:) * edited!

people. i've done the tag thing that charis tagged me! go to my multiply n see it. :P

yes this post has been edited! :) i decided that it was too short n needs more words. so instead of posting up a new one i shall edit it. hahaha.

had gotong-royong on friday n had to clean up d yucky chemistry lab. yes of cuz i did vain. haha. since we f4's were allowed to bring for our moral project. hahaha. i was d sink cleaner for d day. now our skins are so clean. thx to me! :)

; vain girls man! v jus sat there asked jocelyn to be our photographer. haha!; don ask me about all this pictures. v were jus having a hard day. btw. there's one more in my multiply. ;)
and today my mom finally took me to d hairdresser. after how many weeks of bugging her to take me to go n cut hair. :) i jus love to go there and was hair. they massage for u. it's so nice. i trimmed d ends of my hair n cut my fringe. ` lovin it. and guess wad after i wash hair. here come d stupid rain. isshhh!

; my b-e-a-u-tiful new look. kekekeke.

went to church at night. i think today's ice breaker was fun! :) hahaha. and yes yes yes!!! i followed miss Vanessa Cheng back!!! she's an official driver now. hahaha. don worry van. ur a safe one too. hahahaha.

oh yea. tomorrow's gonna be fun! going out with yan and joyce and enuice and ming. hahaha! gonna find joyce a dress. :) yay!!! loads of pictures are gonna come. ` wheeee.
encounter homecoming
* encounter 07 - giving out RED big juicy apples. yummy*


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