Thursday, March 29, 2007

tagborad replies

hey ya people. there are jus to many tags. so i better do this here. :) n yes there are pictures.

yannie : yes it is FUN!! especially with my class. hahaha. can go mad one u noe. ask joyce her experience. LOL!

minny : yes yes. she was our conductor. so far one of d best in our kelompok. hahaha. my hair?! me? no. wad's d diff? :) n it's CHORAL not coral my dear. hahahaha.

daniel : mr. aussie boy! hahaha. how's it there?! tq tq. i don think chung ling joins one u noe. dunno. not so sure. guys can't do choral speaking for nuts! u will laugh when u hear them! seriously.

justin : u better come tag more often i tell u. stop playing so much games. haha. y? v wan to take part but kenot. this was d only year they didn't give it to d first class to do! cuz they got YE! nonsense one. ish! summore they wan to take both. kill them.

dath : tq tq. i told u we can win one. ur PFS ah! terrible la. hahaha. come so late summore. cacat. excuse me. my throat is purfectly fine tq. :P blekk! i drink d stupid chinese medicine. *yucks*

charis : yes yes. choral speaking. my fwens even worse k. keep takin pics of themselves nia. hahaha. worse then me man. LOL! ;)

dat's all for now. will update when i got d mood. i got all my exam results d. n passed everything except my freaking add maths. hahaha. expected to fail d le dat one. but a miracle is that i got a B for my physics. aisheh! hahaha.

ok ok. i've updated my multiply to. more pictures there. jus keep going there n leave a comment! cuz i do update it to k. :)

n.i.c.o.l.e t.a.n

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