Monday, March 26, 2007

Choral Speaking Competition

hey readers of this wonderful, loads of pictures blog. hahaha. i'm updating again. :)

; yes this is d writer. hahaha. :) *smirks*

so today we had our :

Choral Speaking Competitio
* according to d zones ler. v all were in zone 2. i think? :)

well i slept like a baby last night cuz i was so tired from d CLS Gathering [i prefered my school's gathering last time. well don wan to talk about it.] eventhough most of u said dat u couldn't sleep last night. hahaha. i put my alarm at 6.15 n woke up at 6.40 n i taut i was going to be late cuz jocelyn said she wanted to come at 6.50 n simone at 6.55. but knowing them i knew that they will be late. so i didn't bother n took my time in d shower. :)
n as i knew it i was totally right. hahaha. so after that went to school prac for a while den after dat daddy came to fetch a few of us to Heng Ee for d competition.

v reached there arond 8 smth den only our teacher Pn. Gan came to register us. but then she couldn't stay for it because she had a hospital appointment. n v are were so scared like anything k. hahaha. first timers ma. wad to do.

; d opening picutre. me n my sista!
after dat v went up to d hall. d hall is so high up. cuz it is a badminton court. n v had to sit right behind. so stupid. put our school behind. ish ish. so after dat v had to practice going up n coming down d stage n get use to it.

; practicing.
; i dunno wad i was doing. hahaha. ugly side of me.
after dat came down talk talk talk. den went to prac again. d heng ee boys are so terrible la. u noe when v have to turn, joyce will clap one ma. v can only hear her clap but kenot see her u noe. den d boys are so meng-geram-kan us only. they keep clapping n v all were so confused so some of us turn n some did not? den v were like huh?! stupiak.

; sarah khor n me. over reacting girls. LOL
; practice makes purrrr-fect! ;)
after some time... d whole thing started. first they explain d rules n bla bla bla. wadever?! hahaha. there were around 7 schools performing. some were gr8 n some were not. hahaha. so they were :

1)Chung Hwa
* my teacher said v had to watch out for this school cuz they were very good. n this year they smarter d. hahaha. they use d older girls instead of d younger so they can d more forceful n louder. or smth like dat la. but after v heard them.. they was not as good as v had expected. there no variety of tone n they were so stiff. hahaha. but they were really really synchronize.

2)Heng Ee
* they were ok. but i think their text was boring. n i couldn't hear anything from behind where i was sitting. i really have no comment bout it. i think they moved their legs! kenot one u noe. haha.

* oh my! they were good. i think they were d main competitors of ours. hahaha. scarry man. they were good lerr! but i find d text boring too. it was about a princess. `i think girls can do choral speaking better than guys. cuz this was another all girls school.

4)Bukit Jambul
* at first v were also scared of them. hahaha. they talk about exam fever! hahaah. :) n guess who is saw?! Joel Thum. good man he! haha. can do choral speaking. n he is actually loud n good! but thier school ah. they sang n moved thier feet. actually kenot sing one k. n they did it a few times. so no worries for us d. haha.

after dat v had our recess. break time. n as usual v girls vained again. kept taking pictures nia. n some went to eat. i was to scared to eat d at that time. hahaha.

; simile girls. this was some of them.; miss tan gek-len n miss leong su ting. =D
after that, break was over. omg n now v had to wait for our turn cuz v were d 6th group. so after recess everybody settled down n den d emcee talked again n suddenly he announced : " now it's TEAM 5 turn with d title of Unique Malaysians. hahaha. everybody was lookin at each other so blankly. we all were like huh?! wad?! our turn already meh? i summore blur blur taut got other ppl with d same title. hahahaha. craziness.

; getting ready to go on stage. hahaha.
; choral speakers of 4 Terampil + 4 Bestari. my legs were shivering like mad!
* u noe after v got on stage, again joyce had to clap den only v face in front ma. n d stupid heng ee boys again clapped their hands! n v all turn in front at different times. den joyce keep telling us i din clap yet. how v all know. v heard s clap so v turn la. geram only! n summore d emcee reminded them to SHADDUP when got ppl on stage. aiyo! i was seriously going to kill d heng ee boys d. but joyce kept asking us to smile. :)

; "selamat pagi, chau aun, kalai vanakem and a very good morning....."
; " ...... we are Malaysians, and Malaysians we will stay. Unique Malaysians! terima kasih, sie sie, nandri, thank u!"
; omg omg! it's finally over. coming down.
5) Convent Green Lane
* it was d BEST d. like duh! hahahaha. CGL-ian are jus natural performers. hahaha. `but i did forget my part. i put down my hands too soon. ahahhaaha. *paiseh* but joyce kept telling us to louder louder! i love our script

Penang Free School
* this school ah. they came so late! during recess time only come. crazy mia. n all indian join one k. u noe guys say choral speaking, their voices are so so so low. n v kenot hear anything n their text is almost like us u noe. theirs was "Visit Malaysia". their conductor was so funny ler! he jus clapped once den he expect d rest to come down by them selves n he went to sit d. hahaha. funny la.

* omg. i think they were d funniest d. hahaha. they were all so cute k. they were speaking in s---l---o---w motion. hahahaha. really really funny. n they were talking something bout trains. hahaha. cute cute.

after dat everything finished n v had to wait for d results. n all of us were so scared like anything k. v taut union was going to win d. cuz they were really good. n since v screwed up during out turning part. ish ish! crazy pig. so i guess d only way to calm ourselves down was to take pictures. hahaha. :)

; CGL-ians. who were talking non STOP!
; Random pictures of Me, Myself n I.
hahaha. i noe it's a lots. but this pics all i din take myself one k. my fwens took it for me one. so u can't blame me. :P blekk`

; i can't believe that i actually din wan this pics of myself to be taken. haha.
hahaha. dat's enough of me. *phewww* hahaha. u noe ah d judges count d stupid results so long one man. so v got back to our cam whoring.

; they are really seriously crazy girls. hahaha. :P
*sarah hanis . charisma . vennezia*
; oops. sowi ter-cut sarah's face.
; us! can u see jocelyn behind?! i think she was praying. hahaha.
omg omg omg!!! it was finally Results time. all of us were so scared like anything n holding each others hands as tightly as possible. den first they gave aways prizes to d judges n we all were like faster la. aiyo. hahaha. den after that d emcee came up n announced .....

" so now as u all have been waiting for, d results are, third placing goes to........
: *we all kept saying not cgl pls not cgl pls* haha.
Team 3 of SMJK Union

we were already so so so HAPPY! cuz union was really good n they got 3rd?! n den again
"the second place goes to....." again v said *not cgl pls not cgl* hahaha.
Team 1 of SMJK Chung Hwa

at this time even more happier d ler v all. cuz d two top schools already got prizes. our chances of winning was high. hahahaha..
" and now the moment you all have been waiting for.. d winner is......" *fingers crossed*
Team 5 *screams!!!!!!* of SMK CGL *screams even more* .

v really really scream like wad only k after they said team 5. hahaha. n we started jumping around n hugging each other. hahaha. summore b4 dat v said don wan to scream so loud if v win. but knowing us CGLians don expect wad v say. hahaha.

den after dat. v kept shouting only. hahahaha. n we all walked back to out school. so bersemangat to tell our add mahts teacher pn lim. cuz she said sh'e gonna chia us ice cream if v win. hahahaha.. :) wow. school seems so far when v were walking. hahaha. so when we reached school. finally. v straight went to find our teacher. hahaha. and some of them went to MCD. haha.

yes v vained in d out school canteen too after coming back.
; 4 Teramplians. hahaha.
; khoo lee mei yin.
; january babies. hi-5! yea.
; oh yea a big big Thank You to my photographer of d day miss Kang Yue Shern. hahaha. tq girl! `hugs
; love my shirt? hahahaha. well i don care if u don't. but i do. kekeke. :)
okay dat's all. v now can qualify for d kelompk level! yeah!! go CGL! hahahaha.. :)
sigining off now.

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