Saturday, March 24, 2007

CGL - Sports Day


i was so excited that i woke up at 3 a.m n taut it was 6 a.m already n watned to bathe. hahahaha. i tell u ah. over excited man. so slept den woke up bathe drank Orange Juice for energy. [it really helps] den waited for simone. omg. she was so damn long n late. feel like killing her d. den reached school. dressed up for marching. so nice so nice. hahaha. :)

so the day's event started off with d "perbarisan" from all d uniform bodies n houses. and after that must baca d stupid ikra by our olahragawati miss lee julin. :)

* this post will be filled with PICTURES. muahahahaha.

; aiyo. can u imagine us. b4 marching also must take pic.
; look at our marching. so nice. :); the uniform bodies + julin + our head prefect , kadet polis n kadet remaja sekolah
; and *ta da* d b-e-a-u-tiful houses.

den after d "perbarisan" had to faster run to d bilik paip n change clothes for my events. hahaha.. while waiting v all so funny la like worms man! kenot still stil at that time, i really feel like "pang-jiu-ing" on my pants d. so damn scared like anything. aiyo.

my first event was 4x200. my running partners were `priya. michele n rooba. they were d best man. thx to them v got 2nd!!!. happy d k can get 2nd. this yellow house ah. like dunno wad only run so fast. hahaha. u should have seen d gap. :) *woahh* thx gudness it was over man. but no dat's not it. still go another event. aiyo.

; look at woan shing. hahaha.. so kesian. have to hear d stupid gun shot everytime.

after that was BREAK TIME. d best time for other but not for us. v kenot eat or else can vomite. hahaha. but my captain was so kind to buy for us banana's. hahaha. so yummy man. n so after at vained for a while.

; kaliwahwah . nicole tan . mrs " i got 5 husbands" LOL
; sok wah n me. arghh can c my pimple. STRESS. hahaha.
; sisters n badminton freeks for life

ok ok. soon break time was over. wow time passed very fast. n soon after dat had to go n find my teacher d b4 she starts screaming again for d ppl. u noe ah everytime i draw d stupid lane number ah. always get LANE 3 one u noe. i dunno wad's my problem. hahahaha. :) so after d 200m was our 4x100 event. my partner were `florence, fathin n yusmawar. they all really put in a lot of effort but v got last. kekekeke. *pai seh* well it was very close. it's ok lerr!

d most most most most IMPORTANT thing was that v had fun running n performing for people. hahaha. :) rite guys?

; ke garisan, sedia, mula! *BANG*
; look la at me. standing there so "syiok" n nicely. hahaha.

after my events, had to go n change back again to my marching clothes. wow n it was really really HOT! i wan to die d. sweating like mad i tell u.

; me n my smelly shirt. *pheww* n my number.
; priya. me. shobeeta. i <3>
; tarik tali - last event of d day. BLUE vs green. results my dearest blue got 2nd. good job *thumbs up*
; me n michele. my junior. :)

after that all d marching girls had to go n line up for dunno wad reason?! n they made us jus there like a stupid fool while d parents n teacher were playing thier games. hahaha. so v vained again. it's jus wad v girls like to do. :)

; princess jun.jan.jul. BLUE house semangat. ;)
; d princess JJJ. only simone is a only yellow.

hahahahahahha!! den my dad participated in d sukaneka. hahahaha. so funny. n guess who he paried up with?! mr hooi. one of d funniest , weirdest teacher in my school not bad u noe they all 2. i jus sat there n laughed

; while my dad played
; and my mom sat n watched. i know she wants to laugh!!! ;)
and there v vained again. :

; green house marching girls.
Blue House Spirit

; florence is d odd one out. hahaha.
; v jus smile :D when v see a camera.
; my darling blue house marching girls.
; my dear n me. who went to "pak toh" alone. hahaha.
and after that finally they started. hahahaha. so marched one round n bla bla bla. give our d medals n all. d marching one was so stupid la. v all were so disappointed when v didn't win. when they say d winner for d "perbarisan" was :
we all were like "WAT?!" red house? omg. swt! aihh. wad is done is done i can't change back time. but they got a disgusting pink towel from my school. hahaha.

den after that was d winners *drum roll* `it's in order yea
Yellow House
Green House
Red House
happy happy happy. for my house. :) u guys rawk man. `mwahs

; my BLue house.
; see see. i won a medal. no kidding one k. hahaha. XD
and after everybody went home v still had to stay back until 3 for choral speaking leg were aching n summore have to do choral speaking. hahaha. nonsense. so again yes i vained n went to eat lunch.

; melanie n me! d cute cute girl. <3 u!
; look at this 2 yellow pigs. XD
; charisma n me. miss spider fingers
; yue shern! wei shian! nicole! n tiffany! LOLs
; miss egg yolk n raisin girl. kekekeke.
; S.Y LIM n G.L TAN. remember? :)
; well she was trying to seduce me. hahaha,.
; i can totally relate to these girls man! "not nice not nice"
; "pls take again?!" nicer! hahaha.
; vainess. vainess. vainess n vainess. LMAO; my blue house marching commander n me. half our banner.
; another all blur pic xcept 1 green. ish.
; seriously CRAZY girls.
; wasn't ready at all but always smiling jus in case. hahaha.
; pls "senget-kan" ur head to see this pic.
; i'm so taller than wei shian. :)
; part of d choral speakers. 4 Terampil
dat's all bout my update on my sports day. take care n buh buy. :)

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