Wednesday, March 21, 2007

tagborad replies

yan : hahaha. which pics? sowi ler lazy to take out d. kekeke. i'm gonna post more so it's not gonna be seen soon k. :)

riizie : yes yes yes u SHOULD HAVE! nvm. got 2nd one. come k.

minny : yes v did! lots of emm. =) d puppy was so so so darn cute k. <3>

dan : yup yup. ephraim's favourite game. everytime also wan to play. i miss u ko! u too take care there. remember to KEEP WARM! haha.

nomad : heys! results. haha. *screams of horror* haha. no le not dat bad. :)

juststupid : of cuz girls wear pink ok leerr! v look GOOd in it. where got pondan?! nice wad.

yan : yup! REAL men wear pink. *gr8 minds think alike*


oh yes jus to inform ya'll. i finally got myself a


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