Sunday, March 18, 2007


Spiritual Discipline Retreat : 14-15th March @ Penang Hill
wow. although it was only ONE day. it was :


and everything u can think of dat is nice. :) sowi to those who missed out on this. but there's gonna be no 2. so make sure ya'll come kays?! ur gonna experience GOD in so many ways. seriously.
jus make sure to go with an open heart n be sensitive towards d voice of GOD. n he will reveal to you a lot of things dat u didn't noe u could do. so i'm glad dat i went. hahaha.

well u can go yan's blog n read all bout it. i don wan to repeat d same thing agian. hahaha.

but i really had lots n lots of FUN with my room mates of dorm 1 [yan;joyce;ming yen; shiau xian; marilyn]

; singing d whole night long. hahahaha.
and then i think v were talkin TOO LOUD, or wadever. pastor came and banged our door "GIRLS! it's 2 a.m d. go to sleep" suddenly everybody was so quiet. hahahaha. scarry on eu noe. hahahaha. summore b4 dat v all kenot sleep den wake up n eat junk food. KENG!

oh yea. it was FREEZING cold at night n early in d morning. but afternoon it was hot like dunno wad like dat. hahahaha. weird weather man. kekeke. summore d best thing was.
; d girls bathroom did not at heater!! aiyooh. n i was practically shouting d whole time in d bathroom. n me, ming yen n shiau xian had fun in d bathroom talking all d nonsense. hahaha.. den pastor walk by n say i can hear everything u say d. we were like "oh oo!" keke. fun le!

that's all i'm gonna say. so next time v have like that things again, make sure u come. u will never regret it one. :)

okay here are some pictures from ming yen's camera.

; shiau xian n me!! had fun sleeping above her. hahaha. :)
Ice Breaker
yup v had to "break ice" b4 everything started. hahaha. :)
; yes n we played d slapping game. hahahaha. thx gudness din kena until so bad this time
` the half who went
` and this is the other half. hahaha.
; don ask me wad was so funny. i kenot rememebr at all. hahaha.
; hands up hands up!!! :)
; awww!! den v saw a CUTE lil puppy. so darn cute le. god's wonderful creation.
; d girls who satyed up like nobody's business in mission trip. haha.
; fwens are jus so wonderfull! thx god for them man!
; i dunno why but i look fat here. yucks.
; it's it snowing?! hahaha. thx tim good timing to move ur hand. hahaha.
; this is NOT call yeng k. ahahahah.
; tim was like so scared of us girls. like v gonna eat him or wad only. crazy.
; my lil bro n me. pink is a nice colour to wear. ;)
; JOYCEEE LIM! d girl who is so dear to me. <3>
; see morning also so bersemangat to take pics man! dat's d spirit. :)
; nice picture. everybody looks so pink. from short > tall. so i'm not dat short. but still SHORT! hahaha.
; can u spot d difference from d 1st pic?
; to sum it all up. here is a picture for u to laugh at?! :) i don look good in it so i better take care of my eyes.
i'm expecting most of u all who read this to be there next time kays?! hahahaha.
will be bouncing back with another post. hahaha.

OCOV DINNER later. gotta go bathe now. c ya guys.