Friday, March 16, 2007

encounter homecoming.

here are some pictures of d Encounter Homecoming on sunday: 11.3.06 in FGA South Zone :)
`welcome home guys n girls.

so some of d youths n d parents went there to help set up d place. n my mom la! keep saying no need go so early. n she went to sleep. so good. mana tau when i reached there it was already 4.30 p.m! thx so much mummy. hahaha. so helped a lil bit around here n there. n of cuz v vained. hahahha.. so funny at first debra's mummy wanted us to take d noisy things n cheer. den v all were "WAd?!?! don wan la. so pai seh like anything k" hahaha.. thx gudness v only had to give our apples. :)

well now i'll let d pictures do d talking. i'm so lazy to type everything d. hahaha.. enjoy them.

miss joyce lim. sinicing also wan to take pictues. aihh. ;
i finally saw HER after how many weeks?! haha.
`my dear sis-tars! v love WHITE!

see how kind we were to give out RED big juciy apples. *yummies*
meet the parents - youth's spot ur parents. haha.
the parents who went. here is quarter ;
and here is d other quarter. ther rest weren't here yet. ;
Worship Team
these were d ppl + ian at the back.. haha. ;
pictures during worship ;
hahaha.. uncle philip!! i wasn't ready! ;
sowi only took a few. ppl behind there were jus too distracting. kekek. jus kidding ;
omg! he is so vain man! d first thing he took was a picture of himself! swt! ;
KeJU n me! ;)
me! me! me!! with ju's sunnies. ;
`my dearest n me. her hair is so BROWN! can be a good shining lamp post. kekeke. ; mwahs.
finally a picture with my vain pal! after so long since v took pictures. :) ;
d GAl who went for encounter n me. <3>
look la wad my crazziee niece is doing?! hahaha.. ;finally a good picture. i'm so happy for ya girls. thx god for everything! ;
dat's all. lz to type d.

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