Friday, March 16, 2007

"there u go yan! i finally did ur tag. :)"

a) List twenty random facts about yourself.

b) Write about random facts of the people who tagged you that surprised/shocked you or made you laugh.
c) Then, tag twelve people, who will have to write down twenty random facts about themselves.

a) 20 random facts bout me..
1. i always cried in kindy last time!
2. i always had straight hair. no i did not straighten my HAIR!
3. i puppies and always wanted it since std 1. but only got it in form 2! aihh. after waiting 8 long years!
4. i use to glue myself to da tv last time at 6.p.m jus to watch my cantonese series.
5. i did not like to wear skirts or dresses until f2. keke. weird eh?!
6. i've been to australia since i was a baby.
7. i HATE anything to do with herbs! *yucks!*
8. i to perform but get STAGE FRIGHT n shy everytime!
9. i have been a faithful BLUE member since std 1.
10. i love running but NOT training. my specialities are 4x100 n 4x200. :)
11. i have a sweet tooth.
12. i mint
13. i use to collcet stamps but its all lost now. hahaha.
14. i didn't like to take pictures last time n was very reluctant to take them. shocked?!
15. i'm a size 6. hahaha.
16. i only watch football when it's world cup season. =)
17. i get confused when it come to choosing clothes to wear out.
18. i grew up with my grandparents. they pamper me! *yippiee*
19. everybody say i look jus like my mom. hahaha.
20. i absolutely positively watching BADMINTON

b) about miss chew yan-y
- she has a gr8 voice. DUH!
- she 's mcd's ice cream.
- she use to play badminton. :)
- she's TALL
- most of all. she 's to LAUGH!

c) the 12 people whom i tag
`everybody who hasn't done it yet. hahahaha.. u have no choice! :P blek;

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