Tuesday, March 13, 2007



`JENG! JENG! JENG! d days had finally come. hahaha.. a day alaways to be remembered by SPM canidates of 2006. there were lots of tears, joy, happiness , everything mixed up together today! :)
`but i'm really proud of ya'll. ya did a really gr8 job! mwahs!

this morning a 6 of us followed my teacher all d way to DPN to take d results. v all like "sua pa kao" like dat u noe. hahahaha.. so kepo !! and thanks to us my teacher was to first to go in! hahaha. n after dat v had to sit outside cuz v kenot go in la. :) n v waited so long k. jus to get d stupid results. hahaha.. after dat my teacher finally came out. all of us were so excited n "tergedi-gedi" wan to see d. den my teacher say faster faster go in d car n see. n *ZOOM* we went into d car. hahaha.. my teacher also so funny. she so scared den she chin chai tear d envelope d.

; aisheh. d 7 of us gotta see d results first. n d first page was d best d man. CH'NG LI ERN JOYCELYN= 10 A1's!!! den after dat my teacher was counting how many summore. den flip flip flip. OH SHIH-MIN = 10 A1's! wow. KENGNESS! my gudness.. but after dat no more straight A1's de. until d next arts class. hahahaha.. d number droped le from last year. but d happy thing to my teacher is dat none of d student falied! all 100% PASS ! good good. hahaha.

`me holding d results slip! it's gonna be my turn soon. haha. :)
after v reached school. gotta arranged d tables all that le. den time to do work d. aihhh.. v don like to do work one. but look la at all of us! so RAJIN! :)

`florence! shocked to see d results. hahaha..
`kuai!!!! do work.
`see! me me. so i'm not so lazy after all. helping filling in things.
`rajinness! :) karen n jocelyn. hahaha.
hahaha.. after finished my work in d staff room. i came out. n i saw so many ppl wating to take their results d. but it was so early still dat time. i guess they couldn't sleep. hahaha.. i also for sure kenot sleep one le. thx gudness pn. cheah asked me to help her give out thier results slip. ahahaha.. i no need to do work in d staff room. summore i give our first class one eh. so funny to see all thier expressions.

`look at d bunch of nervous recks standing outside. they wern't allowed inside yet. kekekeke..
after waiting for so long they were finally allowed inside to take thier results. hahaha.. here are some pics jus to show u. how i d process like. so sit back, relax n LISTEN to me. hahaha.. :) or rather READ wad i wrote.

FIRST : students has to go to thier form teacher in the class n the form teacher will break d good news or bad news to them.
SECOND: after getting d paper. they took a good n long look at thier paper to see what they got.hahaha u noe la so many subjects. so pening to see. but if all "satu" very easy. haha.
`oh yes. n this is my head prefect last year. n there is d super smart girl beside her.
`awww. so sweet ler!! my teacher n her daughter. straight A1's expect for dat stupid moral. i told u moral is stupid! hahaha..
n `yes some ppl REALLY need to take a good look at thier results. but no matter wad. v have to be thankfull to GOD for wadever results v got. i lerand that during my PMR n i really am going to work harded for my SPM. disappointing my parents 1 time is enough for me. :)
THIRD: before ya'll get too excited. pls sign first. hahaha.. n take all ya certs.
`woan shing's sister. :) she is so smart! woan shing ur so lucky get to eat yummy food d. hahahaha..
FOURTH: and oh yes!! not to for get. pls give ya !!! hahahaha.. :) our school really needs d money.
*hint hint. next time come school don bring money den no need to donte. hahahahaha*
look la at LEena! hahahaha.. n noe my cam so many pics of her. she was really really so funny man! she kept asking teacher so many questions. hahaha.. den beside there got d dunno wad la. they send ur english paper to cambridge n they will make it. so d grades are given la. den u noe she kept asking "so does that mean i get another A1?!" den summore my teacher blur blur one ah. "ermm? i think so la" hahahaha. so funny la i sit there n hear my teacher talking. :)
`miss ang. my former school teacher. wow. d results are good! :) good job girl!
okay okay. after all d tears n all. look at everybody's Happy , Smiley :) FACES! it's such a good feeling after all ur hard work!
GOOD JOB miss Ch'ng Li Ern Joycelyn :) ; aisheh look. i gotta take a picture with one of d top scorers in my school. aahahaha.. she's has been so gr8 to me! always giving me advice never to give us n all that. appreciate it lots. my kakak angkat last time. thx god i got u. hahaha. :) ya lots. *hugss*
okay okay. so this is how i wan my Results to turn out like! hahahahahaa.. i don mind getting anyone of this. :)
*ta da*!!! SPM TOP SCORERS
and a big big. TQ! to d photographers of d day. [perasan-ness! thanking myself. hahaha]

i ♥ my Ice Cream! :)

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