Saturday, March 10, 2007


miss nicole tan is TIRED !!

;my whole body is aching thx to d stupid sukantara n today's running training. n i had to miss my add maths tuition jus because of d training. ishh. n everybody was also late which v delayed d whole thing. and before i came my maid applied for me a cream for muscle cramp which i had when i woke up this morning. so ma i taut okay d ler den mana tau after running 200m n 100 m my whole back started to burn!! omg. i feel like cyring d k at dat time. n florence kept putting water on my back. tq tq. i really don like training one k. haha.

i have definitely learnt my lesson. ; not to apply anything b4 running. *ouch*

`big bro n lil sis's. =)
summore my hse captain bought for us chocolates and ribena to eat b4 running. she say to give u energy n bla bla bla. but i still feel da same after eating n drinking. tired as usual. hahaha. cacat one le me.

after dat my fwen cycled to school. n me n florence went mad n started riding d bicycle. florence fetched me n i sat behind. it was scarry . hahaha.. she ah! bad driver. chin chai turn here n there. she wan me to fall down. kekeke. d juniors are terrible in thier marching. no hope at all i tell u. hahahaha. not like us seniors. so nice! :)

and i got d best present for running. i got a HUGE BLISTER on my big toe. `whoopie. holidays are here n these things have to happen to me. *pftss*

`Wang Lee Hom's Concert - Heroes Of Earth
; it was such a waste that i couldn't go n watch him la. geram. cuz of my exams la. dum dum one lerr. he is so handsome n i HIM lotsss.
n yes. do u all to hear this news? kekeke.
it's back it's back!! :) wad else but of cuz.

this time's one is : All England Championships
actually it already starter on d 6th or March. can't wait for d finals on sunday. hope my "kO" and "soh" win together again. hehehehe. :)

like they did win together in d : German Open
`tada. this is my "soh" my ko's future wife. hey the are engaged d k. :)
`n yes my c.r.a.z.y brother. they are really so sweet together la!
happy for them. kekeke.. august here i come. finally gonna meet them. :)
i can't wait for tomorrow. aahhh.. don worry Janice i won't forget to bring d banana's. hahaha.. LOL! it's gonna be so messy. ur whole hse filled with choc everywhere. yummies.

oh yes. i've update d princess JJJ's blog.
to view d blog entry. pls do leave a tag or comment. hahaha.. if u don wan it's ok. :)

that's all i think i wan to update bout now.

n yes i'm still TIRED!!!
*pls do keep me in ya prayer. i wan to run for sports day. kekeke..


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