Wednesday, March 07, 2007

f4.. "woahhh"

"woahhh"!! i jus realised dat form 4 exams are SO SO different!! it's so weird. after sitting for 10 papers in 3 days. i was really an eye opener for me k. seriously. i noe dat i'm gonna do badly in this exam n i don wan this to happen anymore in my mid term. f4 stinks man!!
but oh well life has to move on. rite?!

today at 1.00p.m everybody was so happy like anything k. hahaha.. cuz it was d last paper dat is moral. yucks. i don like moral n never will like. my mom say i got no moral cuz i always do badly in moral. i dunno wad's d prob one u noe. it's either i really dunno wad 'm writing or d teacher doesn't like wad i'm writing. hahaha..

n oh yea. i totally SCREWED my PHYSICS and ADD MATHS paper. well it's okay la. cuz everybody screwed up too. hahaha. n d funny thing is dat after our physics paper on monday. v didn't cry like in f3 where if v got wrong for 1 ques already like wan to die. but instead v laughed like dunno wad mad ppl like dat. hahaha.. cuz u noe why v all answered all STUPID answers. really stupid one k. wadever come to our mind v jus write. hahahha.. well hu's cares la. exams are over.

n today ah. like v all finsih SPM d or wad. celebrating d. hahaha.. n this saturday going Jancie house to make Chocolate Fondue!! hahaha.. going to see how it looks like after it come out. hahaha..
at least now miss NicOle Tan is able to :) again. hahaha..
i can't bare to see my results when it come out. n i told my mom don expect to see good results this time n she kept smiling. hahahaha.. cuz she already noe's dat. thx gudness!!
i hope i can pass my add maths la. i also very happy if PASS d. cuz if i do my mom's gonna buy for me a present. hahaha..

oh shucks!! tomorrow got sukantara. aiihhh. so lazy to run, jump n throw. hahaha.. after that got choral speaking summore.

HOLIDAYS are comin up!! yay. it's time to partyyy. kekeke.. as if la. `shopping malls here i come. gonna "pak toh" with my girlfwen this monday in d cinema. hahahaha.. jus kidding la!!! i'm no les or wad k. hahaha..

i ♥ being who i'm!

see i told u i promise to update after my exams. hahaha.. dat's all for now le. until my next post. n oh yea those going for ENCOUNTER! jus remember to go with an open heart kays! n expect d unexpected. hahaha..

♫♪ la la la ♪♫ `take care peeps!
lots of ♥ form your highness :)

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