Thursday, April 19, 2007


hey lelaki and perempuan sekalian. this is a "story" about this girl name nicole and her FEARS...

no no. this is no ordinary thing. in fact is scary!!

it's about d fear of SLEEPING oh gudness me** wad a fear?! ya'll must be thinking rite? i mean come on it's sleeping? who would be scared of sleeping?!

`as much as she loves sleeping. she has to face her fears every night or even in her afternoon nap!! n she hates it.

this thing or wad i call it sleeping disorder can really make her go mad. even when she's sleeping she doesn't get her peace and quiet. ` arghhh...

* i'm not sure whether some of u have experienced this but oh well here it goes....

u noe when u sleep and then when u wan to wake up but u just can't? but u noe but your your awake but your eyes jus would not open.. u try n try so hard and so much effort put in but your eyelids will not open!! even if u forced it too. *swt!

and besides that. u can even hear your self breathing so loudly that it gives you the creep..

omg!! i really get scared at all this things man. like last night i think i only slept normally at 4.00 a.m.. i kept waking up and as usual it took me a seriously long time to just get my eyelids open.. and i breath as loud as possible just to make sure i'm still alive and that i can hear myself!!! i hatee thisss.. y must this happen to me.

and oh yea. i try to scream for help sometimes but words jus don come out. i dunno wad other ppl see when i'm in this state.. it's super scary!!! stupid sleeping disorder. ishhh.

and no i'm not making this up k!!! think of me as crazy. but it really does happen!!!

......... freaking out ........

` a little fun will not kill :)

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