Monday, April 23, 2007

hey guys n gals. oh yes btw i'm still having d stupid sleeping disorder!!
` it's so irritating...

last week has been tiring. especially on saturday. i went out at 9 until 11 for dance prac. went out for chemistry tuition at 2-4 n straight went to church n didn't return home until 10 smth!!! wow!! d whole day out. swt.

oh yea. v had loads of laughter n not so sane thinking during bible class. hahahahaha!! thx to david who kept saying the wrong things. typical nonsense!

well here are d pictures d lerr. couldn't be bothered talking bout my boring week. don worry!! next week's gonna be more fun. i hope. cuz holidays are coming. ` yippiess.

n last saturday yan n joyce came to ma place to do d picture slideshow for family night. hahaha. ya'll will see it soon. don worry. it's so darn funny. well some of them are. hahaha. *yawnss* *T-U-N-A* lol....
` wheeeee. me n yan being vain while waiting for miss joyceeee...

; acting serious. as if v can. hahaha.
; jus don ask or question how vain can v get. ok?
okay okay. after that, last sunday went for :

Youth Wave at GBC..

went to eat at KFC first for our dinner. den only v walked there...
hhmmm, wad can i say bout it?
well d pastor who talked was nice.
worship was abit out. hahaha. sowi to say that.
guitarist : yeng.. LOL.

okay not gonna say anymore. will let d pictures do the talking :

; girls in pinkkkk.

; ermmm? wad can i say. d camera loves us!
; misses thier childhood. lol

; look look. i'm sitting on ITIK!!! hahahahahhaa.

; young. old. young! hahahaha.
; "supa siao 2 & supa siao 1"
; <3
; chllin' out at d playground.
; peek-a-BOO! i see YOU!
; a quick snapshot jus before leaving.
; on our journey there n met a tree. hahahaha. this pic look like v in some other country like dat. rite?
it's so much fun hanging out with ma girlsssss... love ya'll!

oh yes n pls do remember :

family night

is comin up real soon. pls pray for d event that i will run smoothly n everything will be done in time!! tq. :)

miss nicole tan.

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