Thursday, April 26, 2007

i <3 u gals loads!!!

this post is especially for my dear lillte n no so little girls.

just wanna say a big big thank u for everything n always being there for me.

; mwahs

; well wad can i say bout her? well as u all know, i've been knowing her for around 2/3 years now. n it's been great. to tell ya d truth i have loads of fun with her. all those sleepovers and all have been yes FUN!!
; yan is a pro maggie-mee "microwave" cooker. hahaha.
everytime i go her house. v eat maggie mee. ` yummies..
; v even noe how to bake. our favourite is our cornflake cookies and yes it seriously does taste good! we even did choc chip for d fund raising night.
; we both have lots in common. for example. v discovered that both of us has itchy legs during youth camp 05' lmao. it was sure funny. hahaha.
; an equation for us :
nicole + yannie = unstoppable madness / laughter / vainess!

; sister from another mother. =)
; one word to describe her : wonderful
; amazing in her own ways.
; i also have fun talking to her. all those late night chats lwere fun!!
; remember that time u took me to sp. n v talked untill dunno wad time summore gotta wake up so early. hahahaha. n in d morning all of us had sleepy eyes. but d freezing cold water woke us up! didn't it? hahahaha. n we came back n sleep again! hahaha.
; and since jasmine left she has become my new driver. hahaha. but since she moved to sp i have no one now.. aiiihhh.
; i really really really do miss u loads jie!!
; n she stays up jus to listen to me complain! tq tq tq.
; nicole + sarah = bestest sister ever to me.

; nothing shall ever separate me n u!

; this orang ah! never see her how long d u noe. dunno cabut pi mana? ish ish. hahaha.
; n yes my dearest mummy can DRIVE d. n promises to take me out! ` yay-ness! :)
; now i know how fun it is to be in d same group as her!! it's so nice n fun.
; u noe last year in youth camp on d last night when i went to her room n sleepover, omg! u can laugh until ur head come off man.
mich n isaac was talking, suddenly d door open n they were running like mad to their rooms. she close d door like dunno wad only k. hahaha. funnyyy!!!
; and when v slept on d same bed, i woke up hearing "girl pls move ur butt in i'm falling off this bed!!!" LOL! i yes i was literally taking d whole space. haha.
; i dunno wad i'll do with out her u noe. hahaha.
; excuse me ah. u noe how much i miss u not? dunno how to say also. hahaha.
; nicole + michele = loads of huggies!

; u owe me your own "world tour" LOL!


; my little "choc mud pie" girl..
; haven't seen u in ages d. this coming holiday v are so gonna go out. understand? i don care. hahaha.
; she's so darn pweedy, Friendly, cute and ...... and dat's is why i her!
; darling. when u come out only i take u go eat kays? promiseee u d. i won't break it one k. hahaha.
; she's a late night person.
; our sleepover party tak jadi lerr? next holidays see whether can not k? hehehe.
; remember when i first took u to eat ya first ice ball? hehehe. n our lips were all so red! hahaha. den come home summore get to sample my birthday cake. LOL. makan banyak lo. :)
; it's so fun chatting with ya. your smile n laughter jus brings joy..
; stay b-e-a-u-tiful my dear lady.
; nicole + charis = craziness & cuteness! hahaha.

; loads of smiless and laughter! see i told u. =)

; here u go my dear! added it jus for ya! hehehe.

dat's all bout my lil short post this time.
btw i still love all u guys n girls no matter wad even
though ur not in d picture.
` muahs.

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