Sunday, April 08, 2007

friday + saturday

okay okay! i'm back to updating. :) did ya'll miss me?! LOL! since i have lots of pictures. i better post it up b4 i don have d time to do so . hehehe. :) so here's my update with loads of pictures! enjoy. :)


oh oh yes yes. i was good firday. :) n i din go for d pfs thing. i think if i went i for sure will sleep there one. hehe. so i went to gurney with jocelyn, simone, woan shing n florence. and me n woan shing went to "pak toh" again ler. since they all didn't wan to watch with us. v watched :
Stomp The Yard
` darnnn.. dat's show was goodd. *thumbs up* thx gudness i watched it. :)
after finish watchin. went to play games den met up with loads of ppl there. hahaha. unexpected. taut everybody will go to queens. n yes i finally got to eat my Ipoh Street after so long. hahaha.

; in ipoh street. sista's. or rather in-laws. LOL!
after eating went to walk walk den again went to d arcade. hahaha. terrible la v all. keep going arcade. n played daytona with dan, tim, gerald, jocelyn n woan shing. LOL! :) n yes yes i got 2nd i beat gerald n tim. kekekeke. after dat as usual. went to toilet and did wad v girls do best. nyahahaha.

2nd pic : d princess JJJ's got d same bag. lmao. me n joce and ws and sim1. :D

after dat i went home n off to tuition it is. aihhh. so sien. have to learn add maths on good friday. dat's not good. hahaha. i din noe justin goes to baskie. :) have fun there. LOL! with dat stupid babi. at night went for cell in church. had to help decorate of d easter party today. for d children one lerr.

; supa "siau" 1 & supa "siau " 2. =)oh yes n ming yen stayed over ma place. hahaha. n u noe v all slept with d ipod on until i realise y got music still one. so i took it off. n p/s : ming yen is like a dead person when she's sleeping. i shake her also kenot wake up. ish!


today had our first family night dance practice. still confused with d steps. haha!!will learn will learn soon. hehehe. after prac. yan and ming yen came to ma place. hehehe.

; chilling outt. hahaha. :D after they went back home had to go for mr. baskie's tuition. - chemistry. actually i love this tuition d most d. it's so fun k. n 2 hours pass by super duper fast one. nice nice. hahaha. den after tuition, zhu lian came to ma place becuase she din bring her house key. LOL! crazy pig la she. haha. n she vained in my room d whole time. u should see her man ` fuiyoh. ;)

; friendship since 1998. <3
after she went home wanted to sleep one but manatau my baby cousin came. so had to entertain her lerr. aihh. there goes my sleeping time. but after dat went to bathe bla bla bla and get ready for youth. n today's service was really good n yes different. hehehe. :)

; your highness. black and white like mourning only. hahaha!
and yes like yan said, worship was really gr8 tonite k. d feeling of hearing the fireBRANDS have dat fire for god again and really worshiping him really put a smile on my face. was really happy d whole night. rite yannie?! :) and of cuz v took pictures. haha.

; sisters faw lyfe. do u realise dat v were wearing d total opposite??! *gr8 minds think alike*

; good combination of colours. :)

; y is everybody wearing black and white?! LOL! really mourning man. *choi*

; i love her! v have fun together. n i mean loads of emmm. :P blek

and after youth ended, had to rush back to South Zone for our watch night service. it was fun. `my redeemer lives..... my redeemer lives...
d song is gonna be stuck in my head. sang it so many times today. hahaha. serivce was not as boooring as i taut it was gonna be. i guess tonite really was something different. :)
and FYI : south ppl are very very i mean super vain. LOL! not kidding one.

; ta da! this was d first pic i took there.

and the RESULT :
so so so so many vain picture of us! LOL! :)

; 2nd pic : hahahaha. he calls this yeng. my foot. :P blek

; fwens are AWESOME! :)

* .............................................................................................. *

; jus us four. love ya'll
; pweediness + cutness :)
; God's b-e-a-u-tiful children!. `south zoners. wheeee~
; 2nd pic : leroy promoting his coffee. hehehe.
; 3 guys and girl dat's ME! :)
; 1st pic : ok ok. leroy v get it. he is seriously promoting his coffee. kekeke.

; nyahahahahaha! v caught julia. n u ain't going no where. *evil laughter*

; getting to noe d sisters. :D

; EPHRAIM-mites. ma "oh-so-faithful-cell-group-girls" :)

; us 3 again. hahahahah. debra loves to take pictures.

to wrap things all up for tonite. here is d supa "siau"1 and supa "siau" 2 again. hahahahaha. :)

; pose 1-5. :)

okay dat's all ppl. my hands are tired of typing. hahaahahha.
take care people.

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