Monday, April 09, 2007

and now it's sunday!

hahaha. yes i noe ya'll must be thinking "this girl must be mad man?! jus updated yesterday den today update again" hahah!! well i can't help it. :)
today i din have church n slept like a pig mann. lol. den i woke up n realize that i din do the minutes for committiee meeting yet. hahah. thx to me miss smarty pants din pass d notes to hannah. so i faster called her come my house n help me do it. hahaha. eh not bad u noe v finished d minutes in 20 mins. with all typo error. haha! v all were rushing like mad k. :)

; us again.
; v are not gonna step down so fast. rite?! :)* finally got myself a new printer n my new webbie. thx do ma dad n couz who went for d PC FAIR also known as PISA FAIR to yan. hahahaha!! :)

oh yes and after meeting. me n yan finally went to :

; in d car on d way to queens.
Meet The Robinsons

rating : A+
comments : it was a good show! nice. not boring. worth my money. :)

; one big crazzeeee family v met.

v were waiting outside like stupid ppl for d cinema to open. n summore v all need to go toilet. hahaha. so yes yes it finally opened! after waiting for so longg. ishk.

; amazed by how clean gsc toilet in queens is.
finally went into d cinema which was right at the end. oh yes this time they cheack our bags. nonsense on ler. so v got to take pictures b4 d show started n d lights were off.

; i think v sat at d same place dat v went to watch death note 2!
oh yes and before d show started got one mickey mouse cartoon. hahaha. it was so darn funny! haha. i was laughing like nobody's business! hahaha. even until yan said. " i think your enjoying this more than d kids!" LOL. n the whole cinema was filled with lil children only k.
u should go watch d show for ya self n find out how is it le. hehhe.
after that my dad came to fetch us home n yan came to ma place. n as usual. hahaha!! i'm not gonna say it anymore. :)

; it's our job! :P blekk
; acting like lalas again. lmao. oh yes n v saw some in queens too.
; sharon's one sided smile. hehe.
; v stick to each other like peas in a pod. super glu! :)
okay. that's all bout my sunday. hahahaha. family night is comin up. n everything isn't done yet. aihhh. i hate doing things now.
.hate being in d middle.

the choice is yours..... :) of :D! hahaha. crazy d la.

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