Friday, April 13, 2007

my babies!

hey people. :) i'm back again. LOL. yes yes. very happy this week. my mom was in a good mood! suddenly so good she bought for me n new baby! LOL.

p/s : a big tq to d sales lady who manage to "pujuk" my mom to buy. hehehe.

yes yes. she only bought it for me cuz there was d PC fair promotion thing. it was worth it i can say! :) happy.

; here's my new baby! n yes yes yes. it's GREEN!!!

and i as usual vained with my webbie. :P blekk.

oh yes! another thing. lol. i'm wishing too much. hahaha. i'm lurviing d new Samsung SGH-E570! "imagine femininity coupled with immense character" `Women's Life, Women's Rules. LOL!

they even have it in other colours. n d back cover is so nice. hahaha.

and yes. d other phone i'm lurving to is d sony ericsson Z610i! it's all so b-e-a-u-tiful!! i likey the pink one. lol! nice nice. :)

okay that's all i wanted to say. hahahahaha. :)

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