Monday, April 30, 2007

Long but not LOST!

hahahahahas!! i din noe u could find kindy fwens jus like dat. especially when they suddenly come to youth n for a long time too n decided to tell u that they remembered u suddenly out of d blueee. hahahaha!!!

oh well. let me intro to u my long lost kindy fwen. well now not lost anymore bout found! hahahahaha.

n yes as u all know it's andrew. supprising? heheheh. well i was in shock when he told me! yea he's caleb fwen d one who came to youth not long ago. :)

n guess wad i guess his memory is not bad man. he can even remembered wad v did last time. hahaha. n when he told me about it all i could do was laugh at d silly things we use to do!

example : he copieeeddd me n i copieddd him in our colouring exam n d result! both of us which din read instruction got everything wrong!!! hahahaha!!

n according to him i as his first kindy fwenn..
` bangganyerrr*

hahahaha!! dat's all bout my post. hehehe. :)

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