Thursday, May 03, 2007



this post is only about pics nothing really detailed. enjoy.

okays to start offf. hahahahahaha. this picture is about :
nicole tan & joyce lim
so on monday when suddenly everybody din stay back for choral speaking prac me, joyce n simone walked back to my place. den after that simone went home n me n joyce went on9 n vained. hahahahah. so here are d pictures.

; don ask me wad was joyce lim doing. hahahhaa.

; we were trying to be like d olden days "couple" hahaha.
; a post card which worths " a million dollars!"
; sister faw lyfe.
; hahaha!! ki siauing!
; "oh no joyce!!! don do ittttt" LOL
; believe it or not. i see her every day xcept sunday. miss monitor n treasurer.
; d best television show ever! -ing nicole n joyce!
den after that on sunday went for d SGGS food fair with zhu lian. her bro fetch us there den met up with yan n the rest. it was sooooooo boring aiya go to yan's blog n read all bout it k. it was a scarry experience there too!! agrhh..
; awww. my two best buddies. ; i like this pic. thx to me who brightened it.
; d one who i treasure loads. v tell each other everything!
; n we met vivone there. n yes we met our mister baldy fren isaac! heheehe.
; my dear little sister n me!
; another picture b4 v head home.
and then on monday night we had rehearsal. only a few ppl came. terribleeee!!! did everything n me n yan vained again.
south zone family day
this was so darn fun!!! i loved it n enjoyed my self lots. hahaha. will let my pictures do the talking. hahahahaha. i couldn't be bothered typing this all out. hahaha.

; miss debra yeoh got me all WET!!! aahhhh. thx god my camera was still ok. hahaha.
; our first picture of d day. d photographers!
; marilyn joined us at south.
hahahah. den it was time for games. i played a few. n it was fun! ` wheee. hahahaha. well my dad only took pictures of a few games of mine. =)

; this game is called "GORILLA WALK" hahahaha!!
; n this game is called dunno wad la. but it was for d children under d age of 12! hahahaha. i'm young!
; "supa siao 1 and 2"
; a little girl with big shoessss!! tq to le anne n beverly who did it for me. hahaha.
; me n hannah's footprints.
; i seriously do LOVE d beach!!!!!!
; girlssss.
; i'm in d yellow team!!! go yellow!!! yea yea yea. =)
; gek-len , tsu-ing and yi en! =)
; smiless!!! ` yippiesss v are taller than ian! LOL
; love all of them!
; ephraim-mites.
; taking a dip in d pool!
; change position. our camera lady aunty lay cheng! =) tq'ss
; while waiting for lunch!
; ko n me! =) tiredd after a longg day of FUN!
; we love a BALLOON!
; yo yo yo! wassup?! hahahaha.
; my dearest n me!
; she's jus like her sister!! vain as ever. hahaha.
; he d cutest ever!!! aaahhhh. joshuaaa.. :)
; smart ppl can make things fly!! seee i learn my physics. hahaha.

dat's all for now ppl!!!!!!! i repeat myself again. i LOVE the beach!!!!!!!!!!!

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