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hey human's once again. yes it's picture time again. hahahaha. i noe all must be thinking "omg! this girl is so super duper vain" yep dat's true. don jealous k.

* go read imin's blog on
why do guys think girls are so vain*

"Because they wanna be hotter then other girls"
dat is so not true. well maybe not for me but for d other i dunno lerr.

okay so let me tell u wad has been happening. since i never bother to write it down but post pictures i shall do it this time. =)

first things first : on friday the 4th of May i had two major events to deal with.
first of all was my :


since we won d kelompok level we get to go into d state level. this time's competition was in Jit Sin Bukit Mertajam..

we had to reach school by 7 cuz d bus say wanna go by 7 but mana tau knowing us malaysian's we are never on time.

here's a text from my choral speaking " hey friends they say time n tide waits for no man! BUT THEY DO WAIT FOR MALAYSIANS! see how unique we are. the invitation to a wedding reception says 7.30 sharp. 7.30 sharp?!? but the dinner finally starts at 8.30 p.m. isn't typical malaysians style." this is so true!

and yes we reached there an hour later cuz first my fwen came late n we had to wait for her n next d stupid bus driver got lost!! our hearts were about to come out when my teacher told us we were lost n summore we were late?! wad if we got disqualified?! omg!! d competition supposed to start at 8 but v CGLians came at 8.30 n they so kindly waited for us.

reached there den v drew lots n we were team no.3! so darn fast ler. there were only 8 teams competing. okay this time i was no blur anymore. hahahaha. so the finally came our turn to perform. =)

; " selamat pagi, chao aun , kalai vanekem and avery good morning ......... "

oh no! we made mistakes n we talked super fast again!! aiyo.. n we din even pass d time frame. it was supposed to be 8 mins but we already finished at 7 mins 55 sec! hahahaha. gonna get scolding from my teacher d.

after our turn finished we din even bother bout what other teams was talking about but instead we vained n talked. hahahah!!

after eating n all d team were finished finally time for d results.

"and the second runner up goes to ......... SMK St. George"

"and the first runner up goes to ............. SMK Convent Green Lane"

"and now for the moment you all been waiting for the champion for d choral speaking state level competition goes to SMK Convent Butterworth"

so there goes our hopes n dream of becoming d first terampil class to win. oh shucks. oh yea n they won best conductor too. cacat one la! i still think joyce was better.

even though we lost we still vained all the way back to school which now only took us 30 mins! hahahahaha!!! swt.

; yea!!! go CGL!!!! i love u girlsss.

next up was :


okays so after everything den i came home n bathe ate lunch n all that i waited n waited n waited n waited for miss sarah thum n chew yan-y to come to my house to take them go and "ai sui" hahaha!

and then finally after waiting they arrived. so ma dad took us to d hair dresser n we straight away washed our hair n do all those stuff ler. n sam jus sat there n played with his phone while waiting for us. hehehehe.

` sarah curled her hair n pined it up like wad me n yan did for christmas
` yan-y curled her hair lightly
` as for me i pined half my hair up!

after all that i went home to get my things n off the yan's house to bathe n wash up.

den sarah darling took us to church. and yan's curls kept dropping n i had to keep putting d hair gel to make sure it was up. hehehehe. oh yea n we were "super early" only about an hour and 15 mins LATE! hahahahaha. we were suppose to be there at 6 but only reached at 7.15! this is wad it takes to look pweedy!

reached there hurry practice d dance for d last time n den :


d night started off with our dance. ` wheeee! it was great! seriously. a special tq to yan n dan who took thier time n effort to do this dance. love u both!

; the dancers! <3

pheww* thx god it was finally over. hahaha. i bet ya everybody's knees were shakingg.. =) after that everybody went to change into thier formal clother n everybody looked DARN PWEEDY N HOT!
girls were in purrdy dresses n guys were in their tux n button up collard shirt. *ooohhhsss n aaahhhsss*

and yes i finally got to met up with my darling sister! it's been months since i last saw her! mwahs. and she's lookin as pweedy n as hot as ever!! =)

everything was going well that night but it all ended jus a little bit too fast. after our dance there was a slide show which was done by joyce, yan n mua! den after dat was d drama d. which i think titus n eunice did a gr8 job! *thumbs up* den d video of d past presidents n d welcoming of the president / vice / secretary / new committiee!

better watch out this year u fireBRANDS for d new crazeeee committiee. hahahahaha. after everything finished took loads of pictures n as usual becomin d maid of the night. hahahahaha. cleaning up. wad a dreadful word!

after dat me, van. sarah, yan n sam went to mcd. can u imagine we all wearing so nice suddenly walk into mcd! hahahahaha. i was telling yan " i don even wear this clothes to a restaurant n i'm wearing it here" hahaha! darn funny. yes as usual we laughed our asses off during supper! =)

i <3>u all loads! tq for making this family night a sucess!

here are some of d pictures but the rest are in my multiply so do go n visit!

; where god has put me!!!!!!

okays next... on saturday i forgot dat my tuition has been changed to 12 cuz my teacher not free l8r until my fwen called me. woke up at 11 d dat time i faster rushed n got bathe. thx god i made it in time. hahahaha. n my fwen taut i was at 2 n he came at 2! hahahahha. so keasin him ler. LOL.

and after i came back my mom wanted to go wash her hair so me miss little kepo went to follow her. hahahaha. n i washed it again n this time i curled ma hair. since she allowed me too. so ma do lor. i noe i siau d. don blame me.

; this is before when it was still nice n curly.

snapshots of me! do u likey? :D

; n this is after when i came home. when d curls dropped!

okay that's all i shall stop here now!! my hands are tired of typing.
tata. ` mwahss. <3

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