Thursday, May 10, 2007

my gosh freakin` exams are jus around d connor again.

* screamss of horror *

don u jus hate d word "EXAMS"?!? don even noe y we bother to take them. it's jus a waste of time.

all i do now is.. no no not study but think of what to do during d holidays. hahahah!

sowi but i can't help it. i try to study n somtimes it works but d rest of d time i'm jus night dreaming or doing other things. i can never study in d afternoons.

*nicole + study in d afternoon = SLEEP!

wells i'm still having loads of trouble in these subjects :

in conclusion : i better concentrate more on these subjects.

wouldn't want red marks on my report card.

guess i better bounce off now to my table. hahaha. can't wait to smile like this again after my exams.

as for now. i'm like this : [ so not in an exam mood.]

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