Sunday, May 13, 2007

how careless can nicole get?

omg. i'm seriously super duper careless! i threw away my retainers in school on friday. well but i mangaed to remember n pick it up. *yucksssss*

okay so it goes like that :

" i bought ice cream with the asam in it one. so i was happily eating it until d ice
cream finish ler. so one of my hands were holding d asam n the other hand my
retainers in a tissue
[ i forgot to bring my container ] n d ice cream sitck. n i
threw away d stick n my tissue. den i walked away n realised that i was holding
my ASAM n not my RETAINERS
!! i was like die d laaaa.. OMG!!! so disgusting k...
luckily no rubbish was dumped onto it yet. ewwwww!!!! "

so this is the storry of clumsy nicole. hahahaha.

okay next up :

happy bithday ko!!!
` hope ya have a gr8 18th Birthday!

and not forgetting :

happy mummy's day!
; thx for taking care of me all this while
; love u too bitss

okays dat's all ppl. i gotta continue studying now. tatas`
good luck for those having exams! =)

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