Thursday, May 17, 2007

hey ya to all bloggers out there. yes i know i'm not suppose to be updating. but what the heck. exams are almost over. only 5 more papers left. i'm glad that my studying subjects are over. well except physic next's ok still got friday, saturday n sunday to study. hahaha.

i screwed up most of my papers cuz i dunno what in d world were they talking about. thx gudness it was not only me. hahahaha. u should see everybody's experssions before n after that paper. hahahaha!

tomorrow is add maths paper. wish me luck. hahahaha. i don wan to FAIL again. LOL

oh yea had our mother's day celebration last sunday. n it was also leroy's & aunty lay cheng's birthday. =) my dear ephraim-mites gave a speech / wrote quotes bout mothers. n me n sarah did a dance. hahaha!! well it was really last min n we didn't know wad else to do.

here's are some pictures. well only 4 of them. hahaha. i'm getting less vain these days?

so today i was bored n decided dat i didn't was to practice my add maths since i had tuition later n dat i will do it tonite. so i came on9. actually i wanted to do my meeting minutes but yes i got DISTRACTED n decied to edit pictures. hahaha. terrible le.

i'm so lovin` d rainbow colours now. well rainbow's do make me smile . so do my fwens!

so yea this is wad i did :


tada. my masterpieces. LOL

; fwens are forever like the colours in the rainbow which will remain forever! i <3>

; miss nicole tan gek-len. multi coloured? <3's!

dat's all for now. will do more when i got d inspiration during d holidays. hahaha. i now exam stress dat's y can think unitl like dat. hahahaha.

oh yea my cousin is down n she brought loads of clothes. ` yippiess. well some new n some of them of cuz are handme-downs! =) well i don mind it still looks new. hahaha.

yes this is one of my fav. shirts.

too busy to FCUK? hahahahahaha.

hahahahs. i knew u would think de other way. okaysss. gotta hit my books now. till next time. chaos.

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