Wednesday, May 23, 2007

` yippiesssss!!!

my exams are officially over n done for now.

well exams are seriously a pain u noe! after u finish worrying about sitting for ya papers now ya have to worry for d RESULTS!

oh well it's only 2 more days till holidays actually arrive! i can't wait. but i'll be busyyyy. well at least i think so. my holidays are more about tuition's! swt.

and here's a special post for my special fwen / apple crumble baker.

Bye-bye euodia

` dear. i'm gonna miss u so much when u leave. no more seeing u in church on saturdays or even sundays. no more tasting those d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s pastries u bake for me. well not until u come back. i wan those cinnamon's when ur back k. hahaha. *drools* u take care there at kl. remember dat god is always with ya no matter wad. we all will be missing u down here to. hehehs! u still haven't taken me out yet!?

much love : nicole


it's jus how amazing how vain can we girls get. ` it's a girl thing. =) so yea i leave u with pictures again. hahaha. do enjoy.

dat boy is so cute!! shucks i can't remember his name. hahaha!! and yes not forgetting he is one of the members of VPA [ Vain Peoples Association ] lmao. everytime we wanted to take picture he will jus pop up in front of d camera. hahahs! ` cuteee.

and last sunday was my Daddys birthday! and so after church went to eat at dunno one thai restuarant with d south zoners. n mom had to send me for committee meeting after that. after d meeting finished me, yan n joyce talked bout stuff.. den i went home n sleep! hahaha.

and yes i went for dinner again at night. hahaha. this time we went to eat seafood at end of the world. n u noe wad i jus went there last last week. hahahahas!! omg u should see how much food we ate!! uncountable dishes man!! i was so darn full summore my mom keep saying there's more there's more. hahaha. we came home n all of us were so full like anything say that we won't eat for 3 days. hahahahas! say only la.

yesterday after my tuition mom took us for dinner at TGIF! oh it's been months since i went into that place. well since my birthday le. saw jennifer + family and joceline + family - josh! hahaha. i think i was joceline's birthday! =) Happy birthday!

okays dat's all for now
♪♫ ~ la la la

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