Monday, May 28, 2007


pirates of the caribbean - at world’s end

Rating : A++!!

Review : omg!! this movie was so so so GOOD! well at least i enjoyed it. like dUH! seeing my oh-so-handsome orlando bloom. he rawks man! <3's! hahahs. well i taut it was really good tho. hahaha!! i'm gonna say this like a million times. n yes mr funny man johnny depp! is still funny. hahaha. n i do like his acting skills! n miss b-e-a-u-tiful kiera knightly! dat's all bout the show. i'm not gonna become a movie spoiler unlike my mom who told me who died in d show! hahaha!

L to R : Captain Jack Sparrow , Will Turner , Captain Sao Feng

L to R : Elizabeth Swann , Barbossa

random pictures of the show.

hahahs!! it was so funny la this show. well i went to watch with janice. so d 2 of us only went cuz it was really last minute planning cuz d plan dat was suppose to be done today was lets say messed up! oh well. as long as i got to watch my show i'm happy d. u noe we were so funny in d cinema. everything also we laugh. d ppl die also we laugh. hahaha!! den we all were saying " i think the people who sat beside us for sure regret buying those tickets one" LOL!! well it's always fun when there's me n her! :D

Spiderman 3

Rating : B-

Review : oh well. let's jus say i'm not a spidey fan! i din enjoy d show at all. well so did my mom n dad! hahahas.

after coming back from pirates went to eat dinner n off to queens again with my parents this time. hahah. wasted RM 30 for d 3 of us. we din like d show. oh well since it was family outing. but since my bro n cousin already watched it they weren't invited! LOL.

okays d next show i'm going to go watch is :

Shrek 3
- this show is gonna be loads of laughter! going with janice summore. d cinema for sure runtuh one. LOL -

picturessss! =)

oh yes. vainty has strike-ed once again! hahaha.

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