Tuesday, May 29, 2007

yannie n me.

here's another update by ur highness.
okays so on the 28.5.07 went to gurney with yannie, sam n tim.
me n yan went shopping we bought our new sunnies! ` wheee =)
and we went to watch Blades Of Glory.
p/s : to those who haven't watch it yet. DON'T GO AND WATCH! sick show man. yucks. me n yan were screaming d whole time. well wanna noe how sick isit? here's ur answer : the guys enjoyed it. this explains it all.
and u noe wad. the guy sitting beside me in d cinema took of his shoes n put his smelly feet on the chair! yucks. how gross can ppl get. at least put on your SHOES la.
oh yea. there was a funny stinking` smell in d cinema at one time. dunno whether it was his shoes or not. swt.. now i noe why they ask u to keep ur shoes on in d airplane! hahaha.
welll before d movie went to starbucks and vained. a bit.

after d show finished well we went to hang out at our fav spot. coffee been! it's been so long since i had my pure ice blended choc. ` yummies. so we sat outside as we were already freezing cold. n in addition of d coldness i was wearing shorts. hahaha. after dad my dad took us back n i was too darn lazy n tired to go for tuition. so i stayed home.

oh and these are the crazy things me n yan do when we're bored.. ` crazy but fun!

so yea we chatted until 3 smth den i was to darn tired n went to sleep. well my day was fun. i keep going out the whole holidays. mom is gonna kill me. hahahahs!! and yes i leave u with pictures again. and i get to vain with my new sunnies. nice lerr? =)

and oh yes. i'm painting my hall wall. hahahah! it's gonna be so nice. cuz guess wad. it's gonna be GREEN!! and next up is gonna be my room. cotton candy? tinkerbell? queenstown? or sherbet. hahahas! as for now d colour of my room is sorrento. weird name for colours.
will update bout wad i did l8r k! hahahas. i had fun with joyce & sharon.
wait for my next post. it's comin up soon!!

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