Wednesday, May 30, 2007


window shopping
well more of like picture shopping! hahahahs.
oh well so today me, sharon n joyce went to queens.
this was totally an un-planned thing!
so oh well, before going help painted d house, follow my parents to go n buy paint, send my mom to d airport and of cuz took pictures! =) i'm so usefull! hahaha.

after i reached there had to wait for joyce they all. so finally met up with them. uncle chong leang n shawn went to watch spiderman while we 3 girls walked around wasting our lives away. hahaha! according to joyce.
nahh. we had better things to do than wasting our lives away. so we went to walk walk n was feeling so hungry! so we stop by at OLD TOWN to eat.
so joyce ordered her maggie mee thing. i dunno la n me n sharon had ipoh hor fun! ` yummies!

after eating we had more energy to do things. so we decided to go vain since we had so much time left. okays. enjoy them pictures. too darn lazy to type d. hahahaha!
first stop :
P & CO
hahahs. yes we tried d giraffe shirt! lol. so funny. but i like my skirt. =)

den after that we went to :
sowi no pictures. hahaha! we were jus too busy trying on clothes dat we forgot to take. hahaha. well i took but i ain't gonna show ya'll. :D

3rd stop was at :
aiyak! i lurveee everything there! but it's so expensive. n i so want that white top i'm wearing! gonna call my mummy to buy for me! hehehehs.

4th stop :
we tried dresses here! as usual joyce din wan to take. ishk. i seem to be liking everything i try today. hahaha! jus no money!

next up :
this shop has seriously weird clothes man! hahaha.

5th stop :
omg! i love that shirt. wanted to get it but it was RM 89.90! forget it. mom's not gonna buy for me so am i! hahaha.

and finally our last stop as at :
omg!!! i so so so love this shop. everything is so nice wei!! u noe d shirt i'm wearing cost RM 112.90. siau-ness!!

okays dat's all for today. n i'm getting sick!!! tomorrow another day filled with pictues with charis, min min, yan, sue lyn, imin, evelyn n charlene! hahahahs.

wait for my update k. =)

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