Thursday, May 31, 2007



doesn't this sound good?
we get to make money doing wad we love.

oh yesh. i've signed up for advertlets! :D

after wad minny told me last night bout people like me who love to blog who can earn extra cash by signing up for advertlets, so i decided to do it.
why not? it's won't do any harm.
besides that, advertlets
; puts the BLING into BLOGGING

so ya'll might be asking these questions :

Why sign up with Advertlets?

well jus look at it this *sign up, review us and get RM50* isn't is an easy job?

so why did i sign up? well heys i've said this a million times d.
i love to blog an by this i get CASH
` even if it's about ya daily rantings or yes your vain pictures or maybe d "isu semasa" happening now.
well it really doesn't matter what u blog about.
dat's a good thing eh? ;)

ya'll know what?! i get to find out more about all u faithful "nicole's-blog-readers"!
by the polls that are created and brought up by your fellow advertisers! Wouldn't that be great? You get to find out if your readers are young or old or even male or female and loads more!

besides that :
i get access to free website tools to upgrade my blog further.
who wouldn't want their blog to be hip? cool? b-e-a-u-tiFUL!
i betcha more humans would actually take their time reading the things u post than coming to your blog just to listen to your songs or whatever! *hint hint*

heys not only does advertlets benefits me. it also benefits the advertisers too.


  • get to target the right demographic for their advertising, since we profile each blog individually
  • make their message count
  • associate themselves with Malaysia’s new wave of dynamic personal content publishers
  • demonstrate their r elevance by utilizing new tools for communication
and so yes i'm gonna say it again. y not join advertlets and earn some CASH the easy way?!
so get your hands moving n go join!!!!
it's just a click away!
or up there.
i'm serious. CLICK it now!
you'll never regret it. :D
think about the "bling blings"

Malaysia Boleh! Majulah Bloggers Untuk Negara!

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