Friday, June 01, 2007

yes i finally gotta go out with d girls i've been longing to go out with. hahaha.
so yea i went out with.. min min, yannie, imin, evelyn, charlene, charis, sue lyn, yee en n KKK! hahahahas. our mini gathering?
but it was fun.
we went skating first. lene kept falling on her butt! lols. it's fun to see ppl fall. or guys who dunno how to skate. oops. sowi. hahahahas!
nwy's i don wan2 crap much. but i learned a lesson today. n i want you all to remember it too.
never JUDGE the book by its COVER!
and no i'm no joking or wadever! but it's ture. sometimes ppl jus aren't they way u had expected them to be.

; i love all of them! my buddies

; somehow we will meet again! hahahs. our classic toilet picture.

; omg! this is so cute wei. look at lene! hahahs.

; my fusion-x babes.

; hahahahs. we SO DON'T look like them. well we're learning. :D

; introducing d girls i was with. =)

and after our KFC and choc mud pie. we went crazy. hahahahahahs!! as in we started vaining like nobody's business man. and we made yee en our photographer and our ermmm bag carrier? LOLS. sowi imin we bully ur boy. hahahaha. it was funn. nwy's check out our GREEN WALL PICTURE. click for a larger view.

; each has their own personality.

i'm happy i gotta meet up with all of them again. n yea i met new friends too. well not gonna post up so many pics. wanna see them go to any of d girls blog dat i went out with. loads of pictures AWAITS. hahaha.

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