Sunday, June 03, 2007


a GR8 evening with my darlingS`

yea so my day started off with me waking up at 12.30 n getting shouted at to call my dog's groomer to make appointment for him to wash & cut hair. wow! even dogs are so lucky. hehehe. den after dat i washed up n got ready for tuition.

oh yes my favourite chemistry tuition has now become not so favourite. well d HORROR of seeing dat girl's * * * * * y face in my tuition makes me SICK!!! she's so darn annoying n irritating. omg! i jus feel like going there n SLAP her u noe!!! me n zhu lian jus couldn't wait until tuition finishes for now!
she has make my days of CHEMISTRY tuition a living hell. i'm serious bout that!
well no use also i get angry not as if i can get her out of d class!!! arghhhh` babi girl man she!!!! summore she dare to sit in me, nadhirah's n zhu lian's place!!!!!! i'm really gonna blow n scream at her face one day. i'm sure dat is gonna happen!!!!

well finally tuition finshed. well i indrectly scolded her today too. she was so darn nosiy telling her grandma stories to my fwen n i got so irritated i said "sssshhhhhh" until so loud k. swt man this ppl!! ishkk!!!

n yes i gotta go home at last. wad a day at tuition. never felt so "kek khi" in tuition before man.well i came home bathe n get ready n waited for miss sarah thum to come fetch me. while waiting had to help clean d house. my mom so terrible. i wearing so nice clothes wanna go out d ask me clean house pula. swt. as in i was really sweating. hahaha! oh n yes finally she came. so off we went to gurney to meet up with vanessa cheng n michele wong!

after dat we went to makan at d hawkers. i was so crowded man. aiyoo. wanna find place also so hard. hahahahs. n my lil sister had a craving for her "muar chee" so we had to go find it. n i wanted my watermelon juice. michele n her "apom". van with her "see ko th'ng" and sarah and her "tau chui". hahahas. everbody had their thing.

and so yea we had our girls talk. and i leave u with pictures.

; guess who's!??! wanna join her club? go find CHARIS OW! hehehe.

; hahahaha!!! she deleted another picture which was way funnier. =)

; mich n van! i haven't seen these 2 ladies in dunno how long d la.

; it's so GR8 to meet up with all of them again.
p.s // look at charis vegetables on d table! hahaha.

; i love her lots!

okays after our dinner we had to rush back for youth. hehehs. n yes we were late cuz there was a traffic jam k! not our fault. nwy's we reached there and we watched a movie :


well it was a gr8 show to me. well i liked it ler. hahaha! and youth was so freezing cold man!!!!! luckily i had my sister to keep me warm.. hahahs!!! and d show was good n "kin chiong" hahah. n can hear me, mich n charis screaming. it was fun. =)

; d b-e-a-u-tiful people! hahahs.

; i love them for who they are!

; my mummy n lil sis. ` misses them lots.

; my darling's who i spent my evening with.

; gr8 friends god has placed in my life.

; vanessa cheng mei teng. i love u lots.

; and yes these ppl decided to vain too. hahaha.

okays after youth finished we went to eat supper at MCD. cuz van wanted to eat her shake shake fries. hahahaha!!! yes it was fun as usual! =) we sat at our old spot where we sat at when we went during family night. after dat van took me home n now i'm here! hehehehs.

till then i leave u with pictures edited by yan n minny.
` thx girls.

; dont' judge a girl by her height! hey i taut about that. hahaha.

; and this is my HALL's GREEN WALL! anybody wanna come and vain? hahaha.

till d next time`
1 week of holidays have passed!! so fast. :(

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