Sunday, June 24, 2007

annual training camp. =)


; hahahahs! one of d funniest day we had in school trying to pull out d pail. LOLss!!

theme : BROADWAY TO ----> C.G.L
date : 23.06.07

time : 6.30a.m to 10.30 a.m

venue : SMK CGL

23rd June 2007, fellow CGL Rangers gathered at the school compound.........

oh yes wait! before all that. i jus wanna wish mabel darling a very happy sweet sixteen! `mwahs..

; my group flag n name tags.

okays continuing where i stopped. hahaha. ok ok. so yea i woke up at 6 a.m in d morning n it wad so cold... my eye lids couldn't even open n i was barely awake. hahaha. but i had to drag my oh-so-lazy self into d bathroom. after dat i came down n got ready. left my place at 6.45 a.m. ya i know i was late. but we only had to check in b4 7. =)

so when everybody reached we had to check in n they spot checked us n our bags. n guess wad they curied my handphone! ishkk... summore my UL : alyn tan checked mine. aduhai! no escaping. so wadever la. don care bout them ler. hahaha.

oh yea before dat let me tell ya'll d groups name. there were 8 groups all together.

1. Trinity [NicOle Tan]
2. InnerVision [Tracia Kam]

3. Helix [Cheong Hui Ting]
4. Tequila [Ooi Le Anne]

5. ----------------- [Grace Lim]

6.Fire Xine [Ooi Zi Xin]

7.Impersonated [Florence Lim]

8. Xeroi [Thila]

* pai seh pai seh. i forgot group 5's name. hahaha!!

so yea those were d groups n their PL. ` wheeee. i can say it was fun being a PL.. but at times i feel like killing all my little chickens. lols! hahaha.

; nyahahahah! my name tag's. reminds me of my youth camp tag.

after checking in n all that we had our general assembly where everybody gathered together n d committee's introduce themselves, the rules of d camp and bla bla bla... oh yea morning exercise! was so funny. hahaha.. did crazy things...
den we ate breakfast. kaya bread. it was ok ler.. well wad do u expect when u go for camp? hahaha. and after they checked our name tags to give us marks..

and then we had our sing song session. n it started to RAIN!!! hahahahahahaaha!!!!!

and then after dat. we had our discipline session (I) where they taught us how to march n command and all that ler... so cacated man. oh yea my group was d first group to stop marching. bangganyerr* hahaha. =) and then we had to combine with petrol 2 for a marching competition. n we were ermmmms... no comments bout that. hahaha!

den time for LUNCH.. well we were starving. they gave us rice + potatoes + vege + sausage. it was. ok i guess. hahaha. after lunch we continued our discipline session (II). this time they taught us how to tie d knots. well it was only square lashing that they taught us. that most of us already know. cuz l8r we need to use them to tie our gadget mer...

after that we had break for awhile ate ice cream. hahaha. den no more rest for us. time to get busy. we had our pioneering session now. they gave us 6 bamboo and a saw n we had to build things for them..and i dunno wad in d world did my group build. when i have d pic i will show u!!! it's so funny man!! well it was suppose to be a flag pole ; amapian ; shoe rack all in one. but in d end i dunno wad happened also. hahahaha!!! so darn funny man.. and when d exco's asked us wad is that i jus had to CRAP something out. lols!! oh well we were given 2 hours to do that... my oh-so-good UL fed me food cuz i was still so hungry. hahahaha! =) good eh?

and after dat time for teambuilding in other words GAMES. hahaha. i was ermmm. sort of fun = MUD + WATERS + LOADS OF FLOUR! omg omg!! yucksssss.... i will tell ya wadever i remembered k! hahaha.

1. Rearrange
- they stacked 2 long benches up and then one by one we had to go n take numbers.. and jus sit on the chair accordingly to the way when we go n take our numbers. hahaha! den after that we had to rearrange ourselves.. n we couldn't touch the 1st bench or fall down or not we will be thrown with flour + water... it was so darn funny man!! n i was sitting at d first place n my no was 7! omg. had to cross all the way to d other end. hahaha!!

2. Human Pyramid
- by the name i guess u all know wad we had to do. hahaha. yea a human pyramid and too make things worse! it was on MUD! omg. yucksssss. and we had to sing a song after dat summore.

3. Mirror Image
- this was so funny!! we were d reflection and do wadever d exco's were doing in front. and we learned loads of dances. hahaha. from hip hop to ballet to tai chi to .......... hahaah!! we were laughing of asses off!!! n yea it was tiring!

4. ???????
- i can't remember the game names lerr... this time we had to dip our feet in 3 pail with diff things inside it. hahaha. n there were papers with diff words and we had to form a sentence. first pail was with flour and the 2nd with dirty water + leaves and the 3rd with thick MUD! yuckssss. and the sentence was "Lady Baden Powell's full name is St. Olave Clarie Soames" hahaha. smth like dat.

5. ???????
- another one i can't remember.. this one we had to remember things only ler. but this time is each member had to remember everything. hahaha!! u noe la my memory not so good one.and they sprayed us with water n FLOUR!

6. Blind Man's Trail
- this was in the canteen and we were blind folded and then got obstacles to cross ler. and we had to cross it following a string. and while walking they threw so many yucky things on us. they they shoved MUD + water inside my shirt.... YUCKS!!!!! i was screaming d whole way. hahaha!! summore i first. even better. =)

7. Paperlicious

- yea this is d paper game where at every time they will take out on paper n then finally everybody will have to stand on 1 paper. but amazingly everybody was hugging each other n we managed to stand. and after that. we had to close our eyes n eat smth!! omg it was so YUCKS!!! but i ate good things. bread + honey + mayo.. hahaha. got some ppl get ginger! `phewssss.

8. ??????
- this game is we had to transfer d balloon using our legs from one person to another person and from one end to another end. LOLS!. it was so funny... i mean d balloon was placed in between our legs ler. haha. ya'll should get wad i mean.

9. Mud Crawl
- omg.. YUCKS!! this was d worse man... and summore me as d PL had to go first. we had to crawl with our body flat on d floor.. with all d mud. well it was water + SAND! my poor knees hurt now... n they jus throw all d nonsense one us. LOls!! i don care i was screaming d whole way.. so pai seh summore got another petrol behind us. hahaha!

10. Stack Em Up
- well they canceled this game. i had no idea why also. hahaha.


and then finally we got to wash up. n d worse PART was the upstairs toilet with d bathroom was no open. u noe how we all bathed!! omg... we had to use pails and bathe.. with all d flour + sand on our hair and inside our body.. first i had to bend down n use a paip to bathe.. YUCKSSSS!!!!! den my UL help me cuz my hair was full with flour n all that. so she took d watering can n wash it for me. LOVES! well i couldn't see anything at all! hahahaa. den i finally got to find a hose. i actually wash up. but it was still so yucks... who cares d ler. den i changed n guess wad my petrol had to clean up d toilet which was filled with sand. YUCKSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well....

and then after washing up finally we had to have our BBQ! ooohhhhh... FOOD!!!! so d-e-l-e-c-i-o-u-s! and we bought so much food. so much sausages.. and summore ah u noe d chicken couldn't COOK at all!! hahaha. so kesain us k. stand there trying to cook d stupid chicken. LOLS! but we ate loads of sausgaes. haaha...

; i look like a CRAZY person. i t was so darn hot wei!

; my dearie and me. <3

and then after dat while eating we had d performances.. first it was :
` a sketch + dance from fire xine and xeroi
` lion dance by impersonated

` solo dance by grace
` dance by helix

` dance by the exco's

and the pause for a while den free dance. it was so darn funny. hahaha!! everybody was doing thier own crazy things... me, thila n tracia danced our cuci baju song ; indian dance. LOlsss!!!!! FUN! ` wheeee....

then after dat continue with our performance...

` tracia sang a song
` sketch by TRINITY!

yups.. dat's all wad we did. and then they jus played music and started singing. n i bet ya all the senoirs CRIED!!! duh i would next year. last year d k. but yea we all were a little teary too k... they summore played "dat's wad friends are for" omg omg!! we huged each other and sang like mad... =)

and yes i met new friends.. ` wheee! i mean i know them but now they know me too. LOLS!

; me. i was sweaty n yucks n smelly. hahaha! but there is always time to vain!

; yi lin . ade . nicole

but after dat it was getting late and we had to clear up and then move to d canteen for d .prize giving ceremony... so we formed our ladam kuda den our miss UL alyn tan talked n all that... n finally time for d prize giving. hahaha...

BEST DISCIPLNE : Trinity [LOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

hahahahaha. i told u it was funny. my petrol getting best discipline? not bad man! hahahaha.

; there u are... see seee! best discipline. nyahahahahaha!

; i fell good winning smth even though it wasn't best overall. ` happiesss~

and then after i came home n stayed in d shower for 45 minutes!!! i felt so good after that. hahaha! =) n i smell so good too.

; she.loves.him

and that is all bout my one day camp!!! LOVE IT.
i'm begining to miss my oh-so-good and no-so-good senoirs. <3!!!!>

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