Sunday, June 24, 2007



hahahaha. hey's i'm back! i jus got one thing to say now...

don worry i will update tomorrow when i got d energy to do so.. =)

; all my hard work! well not all mine. hahahaha.

never say "i'm so not going man!" or "yerrrr!! camp ah? omg i dun wan to go la!" or "huh?! wad nonsense!? it's such a waste of time" or " aiyo have to become PL control all the little chickens" or wadever la! but jus go there n have FUN! n u will.

well don be like me! keep complaining bout the camp before i even went.
cuz i was going mad with all d performance, name tag, flag, food and ................

oh yea i WAS COMPLAINING A LOT! i mean A LOT! i really didn't want to go for d camp at all! i was so reluctant. but as if la i can miss it like that. so i jus dragged my butt up n go!

; it's feels good after a LONG shower.

oh well. i will tell u more bout it tomorrow in my update k! so pls do read!

p:s// i SHOWERD for 45 minutes after coming back.

stay tune to find out wad caused my to have that oh-so-long-shower.

oh yea. n your miss PL here won something. believe or not? u will get a shock to hear wad i won tomorrow. hahahaha!!!!! :)

; lols! my hard work earned me this. ` happiesss

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