Wednesday, June 20, 2007

` wheee

first things first :


` wheeee... yesh i'm quiet happy i did NOT FAIL my ADD MATHS k! haha.. well i'm happy it was way higher than last time..
; i'm proud of myself!! have to keep working hard if i want to get higher next time.

and now the sad thing is i won't be coming to youth until JULY !!

well don worry it's only for 2 whole weeks.
; don't miss me? LOLs!

; 23.06.07 - i have my for my stupid Annual Training Camp for my school Rangers. and according to the seniors, if we don't go for this camp we won't be rangers next year?! nonsense! and so many ppl will not be able to come. ishk! a waste of my time.

; 30.06.07 - i have school replacement again for Hari Raya in October. and after that chemistry tuition n den for jocelyn's birthday ....
` i can't wait to go to d BEACH again!

and yes another thing is that thanks to jocelyn's dad we finally got our tickets for d World Badminton Championships in KL this August.
; yippiessss!! we're sitting at no idea where. LOLs! but it's sure gonna be fun to actually meet with the players than jus seeing them in tv.

but this means i'm gonna miss my school's FUN FAIR!

; oh well, BADMINTON is more important.

; satisfied with my day today. hahahas!

oh yes... i'm gonna be a maid for a day in school tomorrow WASHING TEACHER'S CAR!
` yucks. but it's gonna be FUN playing with water.
--- this reminds me of JYR 06 ---

; gotta get back to doing my name tags.
` mwahs! =)

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