Monday, June 18, 2007


i jus wanna say a big big tq to those who were there for me when i was down these past few days. well i'll try to be miss cheerful again. i really hope this doesn't happen again. but well we have to face problems every time rite? oh well. i'll try to forget it. aihhs.

ok i don wan to talk bout this d

oh yes today is :

Happy Daddy's Day!

to my one and only dad : thx so much for everything. ur d best. taking me out everywhere n of cuz giving me money! hahaha.

so today i woke up so early. had to go to hannah's place cuz gotta be in church by 9 to practice our dance. hahaha. it's fun.. when we finally got all d steps right! den after dat we had worship, performance by the mighty warriors , d dance by US [me, hannah, sarah, le anne, beverly] , speech by US [ephraim-mites] , uncle heok hooi's message.. and of cuz LUNCH! =)

u noe d funniest thing that happened today was :

u noe there was prayer for d father's den after dat we d youth's have to go n give our presents. so we were sitting down waiting. n after finish prayer den uncle heok hooi said "can the chairs pls be removed to the side" [smth like dat la] and then so fast me, hannah n sarah's reaction , we stood up n wanted to walk. cuz we taut he was going to call us to come. hahahaha.
aiya i dunno how to explain here la!! i noe it doesn't sound funny here but it really was!
so now we are called "CHAIRS".

so here i leave u with pictures of d day.

; south zone MIGHTY MEN OF GOD!

; d cake look d-e-l-e-c-i-o-u-s! & it really was. hahaha.

; i <3 these ppl.

; awww! his name is darren. he's super vain n super cute!

; "che can i pls see that picture?" hahaha. cute!

; d dancers! our shirt colors were really nice! but some changed d.

; thx so much girl for planning d dance. ` mwahs!

; she's BACK! n going back soon too :( LOVE HER ALOT

oh yes and after dat we went to eat lunch.. and i was vaining in d car.. my mom kept scolding. hahaha. "later the camera no battery den u noe! keep taking pictures of urself. aiyoh" LOL.. mother's will forever stay as mother's! hahaha.

den went for lunch at queensbay ; johnny's steamboat.` yummiesss.. but after that i was so darn full! cuz of all d soup n CRAB STICK again. since my smart parents don like it i had to eat everything. ishkkk. and then went to buy dave's deli for my bro n while waiting my mom n me decided to go n walk. and we went into d nike shop. LOL..

; dad! r u so hungry?! hahaha.

and my "oh-so-kind" mom bought for me new shoes. hahahaha. miracle man!!! i guess she was in a good mood. hahaha.. oh well tq's mom!

and then after dat had to fetch jocelyn n rush to GURNEY to meet up with woan shing they all for our show. =)


it's was ermmm. fantastic? well not so ler. okay la! i only went to watch CHRIS EVANS! he's so hot! well i prefer d first show better la. hehehe. as usual i sat beside 2 crazy ppl again! simone n jocelyn. GILA ONE! i always have to be d mangsa one man. last time went to watch shrek was janice n chee lee. now them pula. hahaha!

and after dat we went shopping. not we ler SIMONE ONG! hahaha. extreme had sale so we decided to visit d place. and we wanted to buy but d shirt was so small! kenot breath in it. hahahah... =)

; my dear lady n me! we haven't been out since AGES!

and so after that they all went home so me, jocelyn n simone went to play DDR and daytona n of cuz eat our dinner at one japanese shop down stairs. i was nice but a bit to "kiam" hahaha. oh well after dat send jocelyn home...

p/s : i LOVE her pink camera. SONY T-20. => i'm still waiting for my T-100 to come. my RED baby!

; my lovely sista!

and then came home bathe n STICK my BUTT to d couch in front of the TV!
i'm sure ya'll know why? hahaha.
of cuz not for football rite? LOL.


` oooohhhh! it's been long since i've watch badminton n it was so so so nice man! and i get badminton stress one k. hahaaha.

it was d finals : CHINA vs INDONESIA

and the first match was the mixed doubles : Zheng Bo and Gao Ling against somebody. =)
` omg! this match was so darn "kin chiong" man! i wanted to go mad d watching this. i kept screaming at d tv. hahahaha. even my dog also go crazy n started barking. LOL
but it was a really good game. they played rubber set. ishkk.

and then after that the men's doubles. Cai Yun and Fu HaiFeng against someboy also la. i don't bother to remember their names. hahaha.
; it was such an EASY win. 21-11 ; 21-13?

and then was d women's singles : Zhang Ning n somebody. =)
` i WAS super sure dat she was going to win d la. don see also know d la. hahaha.
but her cross court was GOOD man. so chun.

yes and so they won 3-0! din get to see lin dan play. ishk! cuz he was in d men's singles d last game. aik!!! if they put it first ah. it will be so nice ler. with taufik! ishkkkk!!! TERRIBLE. it was such an easy win for china!
n they already won d cup for 7 years in a row d! hahahaha.

okays dat's all bout my update.

i have to prepare for stupid camp this sat d. ishk.

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