Thursday, June 14, 2007


..... she's gonna BLOWWWWW!

and yes i have. i jus seriously can't stand people that have attitude problem! they are so ****ing irritating man! i try to control myself n i have but i SWEAR this is the LAST STRAW man! Wat The? it's either they have a problem using their BRAINS to think or wad. i mean dat's y GOD gave it to us rite? so USE IT LA!

so comin to the freaking problem. hey i'm not the only one going mad k. FYI in case ya'll think so.
some ppl are jus a PAIN IN D ASS!

NOTE TO YA'LL READING THIS : * next time don make a commitment to something dat ur sure to back out off later!

to u. yes u! [ d person i'm referring too]
* well i dunno if he/she is reading this but who cares!
next time pls USE your brains before making anymore decisions k. it's not a FUNNY thing when everything is planned out properly and u end up quitting at d last minute. and now we also have to plan everything at d last minute! i mean come on! there are only how many practices k?!?! u can't even make it for one? don talk crap to me k.
actually earlier we weren't planning to put u in d k cuz we knew it would end up like dat! and now THX to my smart brains it really happened. i summore can be so stupid to say " aiya jus let him/her do it la.. i feel very bad la" and u TREAT me like this?!
WTH man! ur such a *arghhhh* NO WORDS TO EXPLAIN MY FRUSTRATION TOWARDS U D LA! if u don't like me or don't think i plan things as well as YOU or other people. jus tell me la. don treat me like this d la pls. i had enough. one time was bad enough d k. now again?? i treat u as my friend but u still do this kind of things to me. aihhs.
- enough has been said -

and to the others. [ d people i'm referring too ]
* i too dunno whether ya'll are reading this
NEXT TIME PLS JUS CONFIRM WITH US WHETHER YA'LL CAN COME OR NOT . is that so hard?! when we call ya'll never pick up. ask ya'll whether can make it for practices last time say can now say " oh no time la. no transport la ". pls la jus make up ur mind. these things are not jus FUN or wadever k. if we don't practice how in d world are we gonna be GOOD n u noe how "memalukan" isit to not know wad ur doing in front of so many ppl.. and u noe how STUPID we are to wait for u everyday and in d end calling us n telling us that ur not comin. SWT . if ya'll wanna still be like this. GO ON K. i have no more mood to tell ya'll wad to do d. i'm not your mother. go make your own decisions next time.

oh yea one more thing.

to u : if u still wanna continue treating me like this it's up to u d la.
- i'm so sowi i made ur life like this -
seeing u treating me like this is worse than seeing my add maths book.

gonna shaddup now.
dat's all i gotta say in d stupid post.

- no mood for BLOGGING or TAKING PICTURES these few days -

- so not nicole tan man -

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