Monday, June 11, 2007

and she finally updates.

and your royal highness finally updates. =)
yes i know u all have been wating for my update.
so here is goes. ENJOY.

cell group outing
on wednesday my dear ephraim-mites girls wanted to go watch a moive. n since they weren't allowed to go out alone. me n hannah had to become "mother's" for d day. how sad eh?! hahaha. so anyways we followed them. n we went to watch pirates of the caribbean
yes i know i must be crazy to watch it again. but oh well. since me n hannah being good ppl followed them ler :D
we ate MCD for our lunch n curi curi bring in fries into the cinema. hahaha. d show was as usual GOOD! *thumbs up* for me. and after dat we went back to hannah's place for dance practice. well we managed to practice a bit and then decided to watch final destination 3 . omg that show was way stupid k!! it was scary. hahaha. but it was fun watching it with them girls' we kept screaming~
dat's is wad we did.
and at night i went to gurney to go n buy d garlic bread n i saw evelyn [andrew's sister]!
note to u : next time don leave ur sister there for so long la! kesian her only k. haha. i go home also she still there! hahahaha.

; d girls i was with.

; my dear ladies i went out with. d whole. haha.

seoul garden ; gurney
and on thursday went out with sarah, samuel n tim. we went to gurney. well we practically spent our whole day in seoul garden. yea we ate lunch there. hahaha. n gosh did we eat ALOT! n yea i mean ALOT! hahaha. we ate until we said we didn't want to eat dinner d. hahaha. cuz it's all u can eat one ma. so don waste money must eat ALOT! hahaha.
and guess wad we TOOK THE WHOLE PLATE OF CRABSTICKS! hahahahaha!!! n i taut i was going to get nightmare of it. :) hahaha. den we watied for joyce to come.

; oh that's not all d crabstick's we had. there's more. n that's our rubbish. hahaha.

and so after eating we went to walk n ended up at toys-R-US! hahaha. as usual we went crazy acting as if we were young again! hahaha. =) it was fun le. laughing our asses of at the silly things we do. den off we go me n joyce went to buy a card den went to meet up with sarah they all.

after dat dropped tim home n went to fetch uncle andy. n we all were squeezing behind d small lil car. hahaha. well i din care much cuz i was so tired n slept! :D dat's d useful me. hahaha.

the THUM's residence
after we reached d place we went to sarah's room n all of us were jus too lazy to move our asses to go n bathe! seriously. all we wanted to do was jus to SLEEP! hahaha. but in d end also wen went to bathe ler. oh yea ; i love sarah's bathroom! hahaha. after dat we went out for dinner! ate at dunno wad restaurant la!
d food was good! n joyce din noe she ate frog. hahahaha!!! she didn't wan to believe me. cuz frog in chinese is called "chui kae" also know as water chicken n she taut got such thing. nonsense! hahaha. well it was yummy. n we also taught joyce to eat CRABS! hahaha.

and oh yes : note to self! NEVER EVER SIT BESIDE LEFTIES AGAIN!!!

they are jus so clumsy man!!!! last time i jus kena from my brother who spilled beer on me! now it's from joyce who spilled her drink one me! aiyo. n d best thing is it never kena thme one k. everything jus spills one ME! ishkkk. hahaha.

after that we went home n straight to d TV we went. watched so u think u can dance?! hahahaha. it was such a funny show. there are so many gays! n yea we were laughing our asses off the whole night! we took a video of joyce. she was too HIGH!! well everybody was. we were jus practically laughing the whole night! n we slept at 2 smth. :D

and then woke up d next morning at 12.30. we were suppose to go n eat "tim sum" one. but i told them we for sure eat in our dreams one. hahaha! well nobody woke up. n my stupid donald duck alarm rang so many times n this stupid joyce don wan to go n off it summore! nonsense!!!
den wen went to wat lunch. n miss joyce was craving for her ice kacang. so i shared with her. crazy go SP eat ice kacang. den we went to tesco to buy thing den came home n rest..
after dat in d evening we went to d club. haha. it's so nicee. we went boating n kayaking. it was so fun! i sat with joyce n we were laughing d whole time cuz both of us dunno wad we were doing. hahaha!!
oh yea n during kayaking we all wanted to race. so ma race lo. but den me n joyce couldn't stop in time n we went into d bush. hahahaha!!! it's all you ppl's fault. LOL! den when sarah n sam came to save us they pula got stuck! n we went away! hahahahaha!!!!!!!
two noobs sitting on a canoe! luckily it din terbalik k. it was fun ler!
after dat wen went home n went cycling. well it was only me, sam , joyce n stephen. like crazy ppl only k. den came back home eat dinner n me n joyce took our "long long long long long long shower!" hahahaha. after dat we taut we not going anywhere d so all of us changed into our pajaymas. den mana tau we went to see BABY JONATHAN! hahah. so cuteeeeeeeeeeee. well all babies are. love them man! after dat we went to eat supper.

den came home change again n we went to watch our tv again. this time sarah din really stay up with us. she had stomach ache n was really tired. so us 4 stayed up again. n this time we watched a movie. the longest yard. n this crazy JOYCE LIM ATE ICE CREAM AT 3 SMTH IN D MORNING!!!!! but all of us joined her too. hahahaha. den we went up n talked until 5. n off to bed! =)

the next morning woke up at 12 smth again. n sarah was already watching the kids choice awards. so we joined her den went to bathe n we ate mee goreng for lunch. den after dat sarah took us back cuz joyce had worship prac. n i followed them out. sam went to cut hair n sarah was washing her hair n i jus sat there. hahaha. after dat went to tesco to eat. met van there n off to youth! =)

well dat's all i wanna talk about. i'm jus so lazy to type more! hahahaha.

more pictures with sarah n her phone! =)
going back to school SUCKS!

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