Sunday, June 03, 2007


~ just keep swimming!

hahahs. i'm back again. everyday there's for sure something to do one k.

so bout my today i went to church in d morning came home eat lunch n sleep!! while sleeping i suddenly felt like swimming. hahahas!! siau d eh. but b4 dat dan asked me wanna go gurney not? well i wasn't really in d gurney mood n i had to make myself useful around d house. hahaha. so yea. after tidying my oh-so-messy house n decided to take a nap! but first i sms-ed zhu lian to ask her to come swimming with me! n while i was sleeping i heard my phone ring!! aiyo zhu lian ah!! wake me up in my sleep. summore so noisy man! hahaha. after dat i went back to sleep again. i kenot tahan la. i was suppose to go take her around 4.15 like dat n i got back at 4.25. hahaha! yes it's so typical nicole's style. i guess wad when i got up it started to RAIN!!!! oh wad perfect timing. so i waited la until d rain slowed down abit but i was scared tg.bungah there was raining so i asked my weather reporter.lols!! and he said it was still sunny.

so i got my dad to take us there! and yes it was sunny! thx god. so we reached there den went to change n of cuz vain. hahahahs. we were so bored k. and this lazy girl ah ask her to change b4 comin she don wan. wan to go there n change! hahahs.

; 2 girls in a fitting room? no la we changed in seperate one's k! hahahs.

; guys! this is how d girls toilet looks like. hahaha!!!

and after wen went out we didn't wan to go in d water yet so yea we took pictures n all that. n i met dan, sam chuah, tim n friend. hahaha. so funny. well actually i knew they were going d la. hahahahah!! =)

; u noe it was so hard for us to take a picture! cuz when she smiled w.o teeth i smile with teeth.

; and when i smiled w/o teeth she smiled with teeth. hahahahs. funny!

; finally. we agreed with each other! lols

; my childhood friend.

; thx daddy! ur not a bad photographer after all. hahaha.

after dat we went to swim. well more of like laughing d whole time in d pool!! sudah naik gila. zhu lian la. ppl swimming suddenly can laugh one. hahahaha. so darn funny la we all. den went to d kiddy's pool n had our girl talk. after a while got up n drinked our orangee juicee! yummiesss! it's fun going to d club with her. hahaha.

; when we got up to rest.

;hahahahs! and yes guess who we saw? 4 crazy pigsss. go until so far. get lost only they noe. hahahahahs!

; crazy humans!! =)

oh well after dat wen went back swimming. n we were actually swimming k! hahaha. and we got up to bathe. hahah. it was so funny in d bathroom. either d water was too cold or too hot! n we were screaming at each other. =) after dat had to wait for my daddy!

; my 2nd fav place! d POOL!

;hahahss!! our messy hair after showering.

; oh well we were bored. =)

and after that waited for dan n gang to come n talk all that. went to d library to sit down n get aircond!! aaahhh. nice nice. =) it's been donkey years since i've ever stepped foot into dat place. hahaha.
note to sam : don so lansi lerr next time.. hahahahas! :D

` Nicole tan

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