Wednesday, July 18, 2007

birthday shoutout

and here's a birthday shout out :

to my dearest little sister!

; miss charis ow phui yan

Happy Sweet Sixteen

don worry u will enjoy it!!

; thx for being so wonderful to me
; thx for all the times u cared for me when i was down
; thx for all ur bubbly-ness and lovely smiles!
; thx for all the HUGS u gave to me
; thx for all the joy u brought into my life
; thx for all those moments of vainity!

and most of all

; thx for being who u are , my dear little sister!!!!!

if i were to write summore. there won't be enough space in my blog. haha!

but u noe i LOVE u! rite? =]

loads of LOVE and HUGS and KISSES from me..

p:s// u'll get ya present soon k. hehehs! =]

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