Monday, July 16, 2007

the girl who lived....

nicOle gone banana's?

the return of the harry potter freak. hahahas!
well dat's meeeee... i'm so into watching harry potter again!
i have no idea why but it jus happened..

i'm suddenly loving it again! well as u all knew i practically grew up with them..
well not literally la!
but i've been watchin it since std 6 n never fail to miss any of the shows!!

so here's a brief update on wad i think bout the show... hope i don bore u! but if i do there's always a "X" button to the top right.. or so pls read the policy of my BLOG which is to the top left. =] tq's!

p:s// oh yea! i just found out that there is for sure cute guys in the show! u can't blame me! i'm a girl.. hello?!

Harry Potter and The Sorcrer's Stone

Rating : A+
: they are all sooooooo cutteeeeeeeee in this show! watched it on monday cuz i suddenly had d mood! it was good. i forgot almost half d show d. hahahas! but now it's all gotten in again! ; wheeee!

and *jeng jeng jeng* here's my cute guy no.1

; Oliver Wood

Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets

Rating : A++

Review : this is my favouritest show! =] ; lovesssss! it is seriously d best out of all d 5 that i have watched! i have no idea why but i seriously do like it. i could sit down n watch it over and over AGAIN! after d show came out i still remembered i went to the cinema for 3 times jus to watch the show! call me a freak... but i <3 it!

and here's my cute guy no.2

well he's not the typical guy everybody would like ,but to me he's so cute in this movie!

; Ron Weasley

Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Rating : A+
Review : oh yea this show was good too.
all of them looked great in the show! meaning pretty and handsome. LOLS! i had a movie marathon yesterday! i watched the 2nd show and then the 3rd show. boy was it tiring but fun! =]

and of course my cute guy no.3 in this show is the main actor himself
; btw he looks the cutest in this show!

; Harry Potter

Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire

Rating : A++

Review : more adventure , more excitement , more FUN
...... well dat's wad i like. so as u can guess i <3 src=""> dat's is why i couldn't wake up in time for church and to addation of that it was raining on sunday morning! great! =] and on sunday night i watched it again! hahahhaha!!! obsessed? naaaahhh! jus missing it.

woohooo! this show has d cutest guy ever! oh my oh my!

introducing my cute guy no.4

; Cedric Diggory

Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix

Rating : A
Review : dissappointment?! well yes a bit! it wasn't really up to my expectations! grrrr* i really expected more in this show k! it was only 2 hours which was so short and they cuted out so many parts in the book! oh well but i still went to watch it ler. haha!

oh yes and my cute guy no.5 has yet to be discovered. hahah

well i'm gonna watch it again on sunday with jocelyn! will find him then. =]

till my next update keep ya taggies rolling!

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